Taste the Rainbow of the New Avengers Infinity War Posters

This is not a drill. Nor is it an April Fool’s Day joke. It’s almost Go Time. Yes, April is officially here and that means we can officially start the countdown to Avengers Infinity War!

Hitting theaters on April 27, you better believe I already have my tickets in hand for me and the family. I should probably go purchase more for the second weekend now before it sells out too…

Anyways, the hype is just beginning as the craziest, biggest superhero-filled movie ever gets ready to hit the screen. As such, Marvel has released a series of five new Infinity War posters to wet our appetites. Each poster is color coordinate with a different Infinity Stone color.


Yellow: The Mind Stone

Originally part of the scepter that Thanos gave Loki in Avengers. More recently shoved onto the head of a Vibranium shell that has since become Vision. So yeah, chances are if Thanos gets the Mind Stone, Vision says good night for good.


Purple: The Power Stone

The Orb was originally seen in Guardians of the Galaxy, in the incapable hands of Star-Lord himself.  At the movie’s end, Star-Lord uses the Power Stone to ultimately defeat Ronan before giving it to the galactic military group Nova Corps on the planet Xandar.


Green: The Time Stone

This one may very well be my favorite stone, mainly because it’s so straight-forward. Originally seen as The Eye of Agomotto in Doctor Strange, the good Doctor used it to create a time loop of eternal death in order to take down the dreaded Dormammu. It was left in the hands of Wong and the Masters of the Mystic Arts back in Kamar-Taj in Katmandu where Dr. Strange began his quest for healing.


Blue: The Space Stone

The Tesseract. Originally in the hands of the Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. More recently seen in Odin’s vault on Asgard, as that mischievous, no-good Loki was walking past it.


Red: The Reality Stone

Originally seen as the Aether, that creepy red mist controlled by Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. In the movie’s post-credits scene, the Asgardians passed The Reality Stone off to The Collector for safe keeping. Yeah, it’s never a good idea to keep more than one of these stones so close together. You never know when a mad Titan might be on the hunt for them.


And that leaves just one final stone. The orange-colored stone is the mysterious Soul Stone. This one hasn’t been shown yet, but it very well could be the difference maker as the Soul Stone has the power to control and even alter the very souls of the living… and the dead.

Avengers: Infinity War 

The Battle for Humanity Begins on April 27, 2018


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