The 3 Most Romantic Movies of All Time So Don’t Even Try to Argue With Me

Princess Bride

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I know I”m a bit late with this post, but I’ve been spending all day cutting out paper hearts to wallpaper the house with. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. Actually, Allie and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We haven’t for years. We just don’t see the need to buy each other lovey-dovey presents and do something extra special on one specific day each year.

Instead, every day is like Valentine’s Day for us. We’re always smooching, calling each other barf-inducing pet names, and texting each other inappropriate messages on our phone. (We probably should cut that last part out, considering the kids keep grabbing our phones.)

Anyways, if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, that’s awesome. Hope you had a fantastic day full of love, flowers, and chocolate! In honor of this Lovely Day, I decided to list the three most-romantic films of all time! I used an incredibly scientific method to calculate these, so you have absolutely no right to argue. For that matter, you have no leg to stand on because this is my blog, and what I say goes!

So without further ado, I give you the 3 Most-Romantic Movies of Al Time:


#3 – The Princess Bride

Easily the greatest chick flick every made for guys, this one’s got barrels full of laughs, action and adventure. Plus there’s pirates and the late great WWF wrestler Andre the Giant! Oh yeah, it’s also an incredibly romantic film based around one simple principle: true love.


#2 – The Notebook

I defy any guy to watch this one all the way through without at least getting a bit teary-eyed at the end. Women, have two or three Kleenex boxes at your side when you watch this one. Rachel McAdams is a hottie, but the passion in this one is truly hard to beat.


#1 – Say Anything

I know my wife’s already rolling her eyes as she reads this, but when it comes to romance, nobody, that is, nobody but Lloyd Dobler can be the king.  This perfectly awesome film stars the lovable John Cusack and the “whatever happened to her, she was great” Ione Skye. The two truly show a very realistic look at modern romance. Meaning there’s plenty of awkward moments. Toss in a killer soundtrack and the infamous Boom Box Over His Head scene, and you have the most romantic movie ever made.

And with that, I once again wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Now go grab these movies, a giant bowl of popcorn and a soda with two straws.

What are your favorite romantic movies?

9 thoughts on “The 3 Most Romantic Movies of All Time So Don’t Even Try to Argue With Me”

  1. I agree with The Princess Bride and The Notebook – not so much on Say Anything. I would add Pretty Woman, Sabrina, and the American President. I actually have a case filled with all my favorite chic flicks!

  2. Wow–great list–Interesting -we dont celebrate Valentine’s Day either–Again everyday is Valentine’s day– and your pick of movies– My all time favorite will always be the Notebook–I had to give it to my mom and dad–it is them in reverse–they are so cutie together best friends forever and always.–thanks

    • Cat… GASP! You’ve never even HEARD of them!??!?!?! Go rent Princess Bride asap and watch with your entire family. It’s seriously an incredibly well-rounded, funny, romantic, action-packed film.

      And Say Anything is just pure 80s awesomeness.

      I did enjoy Sweet Home Alabama. Never saw You’ve Got Mail or A Walk to Remember. But at least I heard of them! 😉


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