We Built a Snow Tunnel


If I can be honest for a moment (not that I usually tell untruths around here)… I’m terrible at making snowmen. Like so bad I can’t do it.

I think as a kid I made a snowman once with my sister but I have no clue what we did. Nowadays, I try rolling a snowball to get it bigger and bigger but nothing really happens. So I end up just shoveling snow into a big pile and then start sculpting it. Lame I know.

What I am good at, though, is making snow tunnels!

This weekend’s visit from Nemo brought us probably about 12 inches of snow. It was pretty powdery, though, so not real good for making snowballs or anything for that matter. Thankfully, we have someone plow our driveway for us, which means there is a massive pile of snow at the end. The kids looked out the window and couldn’t put their snow pants on fast enough.

The snow at the end of the driveway was packed super tight thanks to the plow. That meant you could work with it! So Jason jumped to the other side of the mound and started digging, while I chipped away at the front. Eventually we met in the middle and a fully functional snow tunnel was born!

Jason relaxing
Jason relaxing in the tunnel after working hard.
Ryan and shovel
Ryan was ready with his trusty red shovel! Ready to play baseball that is.

We also walked to the end of our street where there’s a cul-de-sac, to see how big of a mound the plows left there. I was pretty disappointed. It wasn’t high at all. But it was a pretty massive snow island area, so we hung out and played on it for a bit with the kids before heading home.

Beached Whale
It’s true, the camera adds 10 pounds. During this photo shoot there were at least 3 cameras pointed at me.
Even the frigid snow island couldn't dampen Ryan and Allie's moods.
Even the frigid snow island couldn’t dampen Ryan and Allie’s moods.

Maybe next time, I’ll be more prepared. Time to go hit the library in search of a snowman-building book…

8 thoughts on “We Built a Snow Tunnel”

  1. I’m jealous of all your snow! I just moved away from Michigan for the first time to DC and we have no snow here. 🙁 Makes me sad.

  2. Reminds me of an Arcade Fire song:

    And if the snow buries my,
    my neighbourhood.
    And if my parents are crying
    then I’ll dig a tunnel
    from my window to yours,
    yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.
    You climb out the chimney
    and meet me in the middle,
    the middle of the town.

    Except for the parents crying part. Y’all look happy enough.


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