With Protein On the Go, Keeping Up a Healthier Lifestyle Just Got Easier

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It took me over five years, but I’m finally back at the gym. I recently joined a local gym right up the road from my office in Montclair, NJ and twice a week I get up way too early to get some weight training in before work.

Some people love running. I hate running. Unless there are bloodthirsty zombies chasing after you, what exactly are you running from?

No, I’m a much bigger fan of weight lifting. Years ago I worked with a trainer and learned a ton. It was a blast too. Unfortunately, it was also expensive, so I ultimately came to an end. As did my working out at all, other than the occasional jaunt on the treadmill in my basement.

But now I’m back and really getting into it.

Besides making sure I eat a good protein-packed breakfast before hitting the gym, I also need to protein up right after my workout. Not only is it a good way to help feed the muscles, but after a good workout, I’m starving. That goes triple for a legs day! I’m sometimes so hungry, I’m a bit shaky.

Since I’m running to my office right after a quick shower, I need something fast. And that’s why these new portable EAS Protein Powder packets have become my newest BFF.

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Available at the pharmacy section at Target, EAS Protein Powders are a super simple way to slip some on-the-go protein into my life!

As you can, EAS makes a ton of different protein powders. But the new single serving ones are so awesome!

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I hit my local Target and grabbed up a box of the EAS 100% Whey Single Serving Packets (available in chocolate and vanilla flavors) and EAS Lean 15 Single Serve Packets. These are simple pre-measured packets of protein that you can easily take with you anywhere.

I pack my gym bag up every night (because I’m completely useless at 5:30 am and would forget everything), so now I make sure to toss a packet in my gym bag before heading out for a workout!


No need to wait on line or spend a fortune at the local smoothie shop. (Trust me, there’s like one on every corner in Montclair!) Instead, I just whip one up myself.


Just fill your shaker up with 8 oz. of water or milk and add one packet. I went with water and the vanilla cream flavored Lean 15.


And shake!


That’s it. Drink up and listen to your muscles scream with joy!


It actually tastes great. Reminds me of the vanilla protein drinks my dad used to make for me as a kid every weekend when we went bike riding!

Something I haven’t tried with these portable protein packets is mixing them with other things besides milk or water. There’s a Starbucks right around the corner from my office too. I plan on bringing a packet with me one of these days and having the barista add it to one of my iced coffees for a little extra protein jolt in the afternoon.

These mini-packets really are awesome. Super easy to bring with you when you travel, whether it’s just for the day or perhaps you’re out of town for a week’s vacation with the family.

When the hardest part about staying healthy is convenience, you no longer have an excuse thanks to these EAS portable protein powders! Act now and you can take advantage of this Target Cartwheel Offer on EAS Protein through October 31!

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