Rio 2’s Summer Survival Bucket List


Next week, the bird-brained animated comedy Rio 2 flies onto shelves. I can’t wait to get my copy, since I really loved the first one. THe kids did too. And well, anything having to do with birds is a-ok in Allie’s book. To help get you in the mood for Rio 2 (and, of course, […]

Top 10 Videos I Pray We Never Ever See on #Instagram

Instagram Logo

Facebook made a big announcement today. I thought maybe it’d be Facebook 3D, a huge social-themed amusement park or some really cool new feature like Smell-n-Share. But no, it wasn’t any of those. Actually, it was all about Instagram, not Facebook really. But since Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram last September, they get […]

A Blog Hop From Out of This World: My Favorite Martian is…


Recently, my blogging partner in geekiness Natasha invited me to participate in a fun-sounding blog hop. The My Favorite Martian Blog Hop is just a way for bloggers to write about their favorite science-fiction aliens. Despite the Hop’s name, the character doesn’t actually have to be from Mars. Hosted by The Geek Twins, and co-hosted by Just a […]