Rio 2’s Summer Survival Bucket List


Next week, the bird-brained animated comedy Rio 2 flies onto shelves. I can’t wait to get my copy, since I really loved the first one. THe kids did too. And well, anything having to do with birds is a-ok in Allie’s book. To help get you in the mood for Rio 2 (and, of course, […]

Top 10 Videos I Pray We Never Ever See on #Instagram

Instagram Logo

Facebook made a big announcement today. I thought maybe it’d be Facebook 3D, a huge social-themed amusement park or some really cool new feature like Smell-n-Share. But no, it wasn’t any of those. Actually, it was all about Instagram, not Facebook really. But since Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram last September, they get […]

A Blog Hop From Out of This World: My Favorite Martian is…


Recently, my blogging partner in geekiness Natasha invited me to participate in a fun-sounding blog hop. The My Favorite Martian Blog Hop is just a way for bloggers to write about their favorite science-fiction aliens. Despite the Hop’s name, the character doesn’t actually have to be from Mars. Hosted by The Geek Twins, and co-hosted by Just a […]

7 Ways College Life Has Changed Drastically Thanks to Technology

The only textbook I saved from college. This thing was heavy!

Back in my day at SUNY Binghamton, we used to leave our dorm rooms, trudge through 19 feet of snow, and fight off packs of bloodthirsty wolves, just to make it to the campus lecture hall for Psych 101. Yes, college sure was tough back in the ’90s. The 1990s I’m talking about. Okay, okay, […]

8 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss Isn’t the Greatest Job in the World

World Wide Web's Best Boss

I’ve been working for myself for about five years now. And while being my own boss certainly has its privileges, it also has some serious downsides. I know a lot of freelance writers who’d easily agree, especially when it comes to the whole “feast or faminine” part of the job. Some months you’re just rolling in […]

10 Things My Wife Forbids Me to Do

Mad wife ready to smack husband

When you’re a kid life is just sooo unfair, right? You can’t eat dessert until you finish your veggies. You have a bedtime, then later on a curfew. You just can’t do anything you want! How many times did your younger self say, “I cannot wait until I’m an adult”? Yeah, every second of every […]

What to Expect When You’re Expecting for Dads

The Mommy Bible

Apparently they made a movie based on the Mommy Bible, a.k.a. What to Expect When You’re Expecting. What’s next, a romantic comedy version of Everybody Poops? Seriously, I’m sure other than some knocked-up women and the title of the movie itself, there’s probably not too much in common between the resourceful manual and the Cameron […]

The 10 Geekiest Things I Need to Teach My Kids


When I was dating my wife (well, she wasn’t my wife at the time obviously), I remember that super special moment so clearly. I proudly presented her to my friends as if she were a Near Mint copy of Avengers #4. She was my trophy wife… er, trophy girlfriend. I pointed at a picture and […]