Top 10 Videos I Pray We Never Ever See on #Instagram

Facebook made a big announcement today. I thought maybe it’d be Facebook 3D, a huge social-themed amusement park or some really cool new feature like Smell-n-Share. But no, it wasn’t any of those. Actually, it was all about Instagram, not Facebook really. But since Facebook paid a billion dollars for Instagram last September, they get […]

10 Things I Would Never Even Think About Doing Without Having Life Insurance First

Humans are pretty stupid. No, no, it’s true. We’re constantly trying to outwit danger at every corner. Viruses. Natural disasters. Lions, tigers, and bears. You get the picture. As a species, we’re always pressing onward, overcoming great obstacles to keep the race alive. So with a fairly decent track record (we’re still here, aren’t we?), […]

10 Things My Wife Forbids Me to Do

When you’re a kid life is just sooo unfair, right? You can’t eat dessert until you finish your veggies. You have a bedtime, then later on a curfew. You just can’t do anything you want! How many times did your younger self say, “I cannot wait until I’m an adult”? Yeah, every second of every […]