My 15-Year-Old Nephew is a Baseball History Author


Most 15-year-olds consider the day a monstrous success if they win the latest round of Halo with their friends. For that matter, so do many of my friends, who are… ahem… a few years older than that.

But when it comes to crossing things off your bucket list, my 15-year-old nephew Matthew has a huge head start. I’ve written about the baseball-loving Matthew (or Matt to his friends… he’s always going to be stuck with Matthew to his family) before. And yes, I certainly wouldn’t give him the same amount of press here on my blog if he weren’t a Yankees fan. (Smart kid.)

Matthew is a trivia fiend, spouting baseball history facts faster than cat pictures showing up in your Facebook stream. He knows the outcome of every single World Series, and is more than happy to share the details with anyone and everyone. He has his own baseball history blog and even blogs over at the official MLBlogs as a Pro Blogger!

Matthew eating Yankees ice cream
Double threat! My nephew can eat ice cream and write a book!

Well, now Matt’s stepped things up a notch or three. He’s officially a published author! The little guy’s taken his love of the game and turned it into an entertaining history lesson of an eBook called Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers: An Introduction to Baseball History.

At 177 pages, Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers breaks some of the biggest baseball history lessons down to 26 highly entertaining chapters. There’s loads of star spotlights on the greats like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson, but also more thematic chapters on the Hall of Fame, the greatest strikeout pitchers and the most incredible extra-innings games.

The eBook’s loaded with incredible photos too, many straight from the archives of the Baseball Hall of Fame. In this post (and sadly still happening) steroid era of baseball, it’s nice to look back at the years when America’s pastime was purely full of heart, sweat and talent. Oh, and if you need even further proof that this eBook’s legit, it’s got a foreword by Hall of Famer Jim Palmer!

Matt’s donating all profits from sales of his eBook to four of his favorite baseball charities: The Jackie Robinson Foundation, The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Turn Two Foundation, and The ALS Association.

You can get yourself a copy of Matt’s book Amazing Aaron to Zero Zippers: An Introduction to Baseball History for a number of eReaders:

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24 thoughts on “My 15-Year-Old Nephew is a Baseball History Author”

  1. how cool! Its awesome that he not only wrote a book but is donating all proceeds to charity, it shows what a mature young man he is!

  2. This is truly amazing that your nephew wrote a book and is donating all the proceeds to charity. What a bright kid that is taking his passion for baseball and helping others. Great story!

  3. That’s so stinkin’ amazing! My son’s 15 and he’d rather talk about the latest Minecraft video he just watched! That’s a book both of my boys would love to read. You are obviously a proud uncle!

  4. It is so great when a kid, especially a teen finds a niche that they enjoy and go full speed into it. He has done something so amazing that many of us dream of but don’t have the guts to go out and do it or force ourselves to sit down and just write. I applaud him and you for being so encouraging.

  5. I love that Matt is working hard with what he loves! It makes it more realistic to the younger kids to see the older ones do something so great as writing their own book.


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