My Nephew Just Got an MLB Record

My nephew Matthew is a huge baseball fan. I don’t just mean he loves rooting for the Yankees (smart kid), but he lives, breathes, and if he could, would eat baseball.

Matthew’s head is pretty much like an Encylopedia Baseballtanica. Just full of facts and figures about ball players you’ve never even heard of. For anyone to be that motivated and that fascinated by baseball history is just impressive, especially when that someone is a 13 year old kid from New Jersey.

Matthew regularly blogs about baseball history over on his own Baseball With Matt blog. But he recently made it to the big leagues. He is now an official Pro Blogger for MLBlogs. And as it says on the MLBlogs homepage today, Matt is the youngest pro blogger.

That’s my nephew, on top o’ the world.

As a writer, I think it’s fantastic that Matthew’s embracing blogging to spread his thoughts on the history of baseball. I’m really hoping he turns his passion into a career one day. And when he gets super famous in the sports arena, I can’t wait to tell everyone that I used to change his diapers.

Awesome job, Matthew. Your Aunt Allie, Uncle Andrew and cousins Jason and Ryan are super proud of ya!

Check out Matthew’s MLB Pro Blog Baseball with Matt over on MLB. And leave him some comments to help inspire him to keep going!

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