Ain’t No Party Like a NYCC Hasbro Party

This weekend was New York Comic Con. I’ve gone the last few years but just didn’t bother getting tickets this year. It’s a fun show but insanely packed and my kids end up just playing video games at the Nintendo booth for most of the time.

It’s been a crazy few months too so the timing just wasn’t right. I’ll probably bring the family next year if I can remember to snag tickets early enough. I’d really love to take them all to San Diego Comic Con one of these years. But that’s 10 times more ludicrous than this one.

Anyways, I did hit one of the pre-NYCC parties last week courtesy of Hasbro. I’ve done a number of giveaways already with Hasbro and have some great contacts over at their PR company Hunter. So they made sure I got an invite to their party.

It was held at Studio 450 in Manhattan and except for the nauseating traffic I hit on the way in (that’s the last time I ever take the Lincoln Tunnel), I had an amazing time.

The food was fantastic, the new toy lines they previewed looked amazing, and it was great seeing a bunch of old friends, many of whom now work in the comics industry. It was also great meeting and catching up with a number of PR folks that I communicate with on a regular basis. (Hey, Kristen and Brittney!)

I followed official party rules and after saying hi to my good buddy Justin, walked straight to the open bar. For the party, Hunter actually hired a real-life mixologist to create a quartet of Marvel superhero themed drinks.

Can you tell which superhero each drink represents?

How could I not start with a Captain America themed cocktail? It was pretty tasty except for the Allspice flavor. I’m just not a fan. But it was quite patriotically decorative don’t you think?

All that’s missing is a slice of momma’s apple pie.


If this is what Norse Gods drink, I see why Loki’s so crazed. Two words: sugar rush!

I wrote about these Star Wars Angry Birds toys the other day and actually got to play with them first hand. Yep, they were as much fun as I expected.

They had a great display of these, but unfortunately none in the “play” area.
Yet another AT-AT that I must add to my collection!
Triple win: Jenga meets Star Wars meets Angry Birds. Yes, that’s an Angry Bird Rancor.
Cutest Angry Bird ever!

While I’m not a huge Kre-o fan (I rank them better than Mega Blocks, but still a few rungs below Legos), the two new lines Hasbro had look great. First up, is GI Joe! Check out this line of Real American Heroes!

Scarlet and some light-blue Cobra guy!


My favorite GI Joe toy as a kid was the Cobra HISS Tank. Here it is in its Kre-O glory!

Next year, Star Trek finally gets the construction toy treatment!

The U.S.S. Enterprise gets the Kre-O treatment next year!

Free food, free booze, and a preview of some really killer-looking toys. How could anyone not have a great time?

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