The Art of Candle Scent Making

Citrus Tango candle

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Candles are often used to add atmosphere and ambience to a room as well as light particularly in long winter evenings. Fragrance is another reason why you should consider using candles as they will provide a natural scent unlike the heavy cloying smell of some air fresheners. The range of scented candles which is available has become much wider with a huge variation of different scents. Candles no longer have to be kept solely for the winter months as there are now scents which will suit all seasons.

Yankee Candles have brought out a beautiful new range of candles with scents that are perfect for spring and summer. The range includes the Black Plum Blossom candle which combines the rich scent of blossom nectar with vanilla and notes of white musk. The delicate fragrance will help to bring a touch of spring into your house. If you are looking for a sweeter scent then the Sweet Apple candle will be the perfect choice with its light layered scents reminding you of a summer orchard.

Choosing a candle which has a citrus scent can bring a fresh and clean tone to your room. The new Orange Splash candle from Yankee Candles will provide the warming tang of oranges reminiscent of an orange grove in the summer. For a slightly sharper tone you may wish to consider choosing the Citrus Tango candle which is scented with an aromatic blend of grapefruit, oranges and lemon zest. Another interesting variation on the citrus scents is the new Margarita Time candle. The scent of newly squeezed limes will bring cocktail hour to your home and revive memories of summer beach parties.

It is now even possible to select candles with scents which have been designed to complement a specific event in the year. Christmas candles have become increasingly common with scents of cinnamon and spices and Yankee Candles are now producing a candle which has been specifically designed to be used around Easter. The White Chocolate Bunnies candle is appropriately scented with enticing white chocolate which is underlaid with hints of vanilla. It smells so good that chocolate lovers will want to use it the whole year round and not just for Easter.

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