Captain America’s #1 Fan is Going to Meet Captain America! #CaptainAmericaEvent

Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you know that I was picked to go on the Blogging Trip of a lifetime next week. Myself and 25 other bloggers will be headed to L.A. for a huge event surrounding Muppets Most Wanted and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Well, details are still being finalized, but I just got confirmation that as part of the Captain America press junket, I’ll get to meet Chris Evans (Captain America) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow). Excuse me a moment while I faint…


Captain America Winter Soldier

Okay, I’m better now. So yeah, I’m gonna hang with Cap and ScarJo and get to ask them questions in true interview style. To say I’m a tad bit excited is an understatement.

Captain America Scarlett Johansson

I keep telling you guys I’m the #1 Captain America fan, right? Need proof?

Here’s a photo from my wedding where you’ll see the Captain America ice sculpture that my parents and in-laws surprised me with at the reception:

Captain America Ice Sculpture

Here’s the custom-made Captain America shield I got for my birthday from some friends years ago. It’s made of fiberglass and has real leather straps on the back.

Custom Captain America Shield

Here’s me dressed for a regular day of work:

Captain America at work

So yeah, Captain America’s #1 fan will be sitting down with the real Captain America next week. Now to come up with some great questions for him, the Black Widow and the rest of the cast. I figured I’d let my readers in on the fun since you guys helped get me there! So think about it and comment below with your thoughts!

New TV Spot featuring more info on The Winter Soldier and The Falcon!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier assembles into theaters April 4, 2014
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What questions would you ask Chris Evans and ScarJo at a Captain America press junket?

27 thoughts on “Captain America’s #1 Fan is Going to Meet Captain America! #CaptainAmericaEvent”

  1. Hi Andrew! Wow….first, love this post and all the pics (you know, people say I have a body like SJ – #justsayin). Anyway, so excited that you’re going to meet Captain America! Give him a big smooch on the cheek for me please. 😉

    Lots of pics and autographs, too!


  2. How cool and How excited you are, I love the ice sculpture of Captain America and I bet you had on your special Captain American underwear for your wedding, just kidding, I think it is great and I hope you have a wonderful time.

  3. I am so jealous of you going to LA. I would love to meet Scarlett. She is such a beautiful woman, and a wonderful actress. Think you could pack this old grandma in your bags?

  4. Ahahahahaha!


    I love your work outfit, you go!

    My husband wanted to get a Captain America tattoo…a biiiiigg one, on his entire arm. Then he met me. I wouldn’t let him.

    And ScarJo is pregnant, tell her congrats!!

    • Bahahhaha. Your poor hubby. Was he going to get the full Cap or just his shield? I think if I got a tattoo (which I’ll never do), I’d get the shield on my arm.

      I’ll be sure to congratulate ScarJo for ya! 😉

  5. I would vote for you as Captain America’s #1 fan anytime. You’re going to have a blast! About the ice sculpture at the wedding, oh my do you have an understanding wife. Have fun!

  6. @Allie……shh….you’re not supposed to tell the kids that…..let them live in their own fantasy world. (BTW – GORGEOUS gown & veil, you should post more wedding pix!!) : )

  7. oh my goodness you have your own suit!! how cute,,,you need to take that with you when you go,,they will be so impressed,,they may just put you in the next movie,,you never know

  8. Lol, I don’t think I would have liked a Captain America sculpture at my wedding, but I have to say it pretty cool! It’s awesome that your blogging and Captain America love has given you this opportunity!

  9. My husband saw this and thought it was great! He loves captain america too! I love the pictures, you are truly the biggest fan!

  10. No questions. Two comments. I LOVE that picture of you dressed as the Cap. And I LOVE that wedding photo of you, your wife and the ice sculpture. You are so crazy cool.


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