Cheerios Protein Packs a Powerful Punch and Loads of Nummilicious Flavor


I used to hit the gym regularly for weight training. While I hated getting up at the crack before dawn, I did enjoy it and definitely need to get back into the workout mode. But the one thing that was crucial to any of my workout days was protein.

You don’t get much protein from a bagel every morning, even if it is easy (and delicious!) to whip up. No, I’d usually make a bunch of egg whites and some turkey bacon to get things going. But these days, I have zero time for that since I have to be up super early to begin with just to catch a train to work.

Like I said, I definitely need to get back into the exercise mode and if I can find a quick and healthy protein-packed breakfast, I figure I may finally get the push I need to dive back in.

That’s why I was real eager to try out the new Cheerios Protein cereals! The new line is currently available in two flavors Oats & Honey and Cinnamon Almond. Since Jason has a nut allergy, I knew the Cinnamon Almond one was out of the question. But after looking at the ingredients for the Oats & Honey, I was happy to see not even a trace of nuts mentioned. So I was sent a box to try out!

Add milk and your breakfast suddenly hits 11 grams of protein!

I like cereal, sure. But I haven’t had Cheerios at all since the kids were babies. I’m sure our minivan still has a few Cheerios lodged somewhere under the seats even. Oh, don’t look at me like that. You know your car is just as bad! Babies love fisting Cheerios into their mouths and it’s anything but an elegant process.

Anyways, we never had Honey Nut Cheerios because of Jason’s allergies. So I was real curious to try the Oats & Honey flavor to see if it tasted anything like them.

Cheerios Protein

I poured them into my usual cereal bowl and was surprised to see neat little oat clusters in there. I’m a big fan of “crunch,” so any extra crunch you can add to food is usually a bonus in my mind.

Cheerios Protein Oats Honey

Next came the bananas (next to blueberries, they’re the only way to truly enjoy cereal if you ask me!) and the milk. Yes, I drink skim milk so go ahead and make your wisecracks.


They passed the spoon test as I dove in to take my first bite…


And now the ultimate test… the taste test!


So, how’d it taste?

Cheerios Protein

Sorry, my mouth was too full of awesomeness to actually speak, so you just get a thumbs up and a semi-goofy grin!

But seriously, Cheerios Protein Oats & Honey were really good! I haven’t had the Honey Nut Cheerios in years, but to me, these are as good as those. They’re sweet, crunchy and the oat clusters are extra nummilicious. The fact that I’m getting 7 grams of protein right from the cereal itself (not even counting milk) is great.

I definitely can use that extra energy to get moving in the morning and keep me from passing out on my commute in to work. (I have blog posts to write, after all!)

I’ll definitely be adding Cheerios Protein Oats & Honey to my breakfast ritual going forward. And who knows, maybe I’ll even start… gasp… exercising again soon!


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