Disney Planes Premiere: Stars Take to the Red Carpet #DisneyPlanesPremiere


disney planes premiere

On August 5th the stars were out on Hollywood Boulevard for the premiere of Disney’s Planes – and I was there!

In the Disney spirit of fun and family, the pre-party was an amazing recreation of the Planes landing strip – complete with performers, games, music and food – where stars, their family and friends could experience the magic of the 52nd animated feature film.

disney planes premiere MAIN

From the moment we were ushered onto the plush red (runway) carpet we were immersed into the world of Dusty and his high flying friends. Giant balloon sculptures, runway operators and airport decorations surrounded us as we explored the party sponsored by Target.

disney planes premier kenda smith remaking june cleaver

disney planes premiere 2

The stars of television and screen were on hand, with their families and friends, to enjoy the fun and festivities.

montage disney planes premiere stars

terri hatcher planes premiere
Terri Hatcher – Photo credit: Karen Wilmes

Peter Facinelli Planes Premiere

Peter Facinelli

I was in awe as I walked the landing strip, running into familiar faces from the past and present.  The guests weren’t limited to those featured in the film, with many Hollywood powerhouses in attendance to show their support of the film.

Harold Perrineau Kenda Smith Disney Planes Premiere

Harold Perrineau was so gracious, pausing between game play for a photo – a top favorite talent for both myself and my husband.

jason priestly planes premiere
Jason Priestly – Photo credit: Karen Wilmes

I was impressed with how family friendly the event was; with games and prizes for children of all ages. Myself and fellow blogger Karen Wilmes had the pleasure of speaking with Jason Priestly and his lovely wife, makeup artist Naomi Lowde-Priestly in attendance with their children.

Disney Planes Product Showcase
Product displays spotlighted the new toys, clothing and merchandise available at Target to commemorate the release of Planes.
disney planes premiere 3
disney planes premiere products
Guests could play fun carnival style games such as skeeball, toy crane and fly fishing to win official Planes prizes.
disney planes premiere games
After good fun, food and greetings it was time to gather in the El Capitan Theater to watch the official premiere of Planes. The excitement was palpable as we stood in line, brushing elbows with Hollywood’s best and brightest – all thoughts of star gazing put aside for the moment as we waited eagerly to experience the fantastic 3D film.
disney planes premiere pass
Stars and fans alike settled in, popcorn in hand and 3D glasses ready, to watch Dusty Cropduster and his crew take to the skies. We laughed, we cheered….and you’ll have to come back on Friday, August 9th to read the full, action-packed movie review!
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Written by Kenda Smith, attending on behalf of MommysBusy.com – read more from Kenda at RemakingJuneCleaver.com

14 thoughts on “Disney Planes Premiere: Stars Take to the Red Carpet #DisneyPlanesPremiere”

  1. I loved hanging with Kenda and all the other bloggers at this movie premiere and I’ll never forget it. It was so much fun. Great post and lots of great pictures!!!

    • I was so happy we could reconnect on this trip, Karen. I don’t think I could have survived that redeye without you lol Can’t wait for our next visit!

  2. Kenda it was so, so nice to meet you! I love you account of the night! It was so much fun and so much like a dream! I can’t believe it happened! Here’s hoping we have another adventure together!

  3. Kenda sounds like she had a great time! I love running into celebrities – I used to all the time, but they generally couldn’t say much as I had my hands in their mouths….ah, but that’s a tale for another day, children…….

  4. Super duper, “THANK YOU” to Kenda for flying clear across the country to cover this event for me! Just realized you had to take a “plane” to go watch the “Planes” premiere. Funny, no? No. Okay. Anyways, thanks, Kenda! Can’t wait to see and hear even more about the trip!

    • You are so welcome, Andrew. It was definitely an event to remember. Thank you for trusting me with all of this information (and the photos…oh so many photos lol) I’m thrilled to be a guest writer for Mommys Busy!


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