Doggone It! Apparently We’re Getting a Samoyed.


Look at that puppy! Just look!!!

Yeah, he’s pretty darn cute. And no, he’s not ours. But he’s a Samoyed breed, and apparently, that’s the kind of dog we’re getting.

I say this based not on facts, but based on my wife’s Instant Message from yesterday:

We are getting a samoyed.

They are hypoallergenic.

They have no dander.

Soooo cute.

Ryan and I approve.

Okay, so it took me a couple of minutes to realize what a Samoyed was. My first thought was of a Samosa. Mmm… Samosas… yeah, I really shouldn’t write these posts during lunch…

Anyways, I did some quick Googling for Samoyed and discovered that cute little guy above. According to the American Kennel Club, Samoyed are “intelligent, gentle and loyal.” Eat that, cats of the world! They’re apparently pretty energetic and love to run and bark. Sounds perfect for our family, especially Jason, who’s not a big fan of dogs. Should certainly be interesting.

We definitely want to adopt a dog from a shelter rather than go through a breeder. Hopefully we can find us a Samoyed in need and give him a good home. There’s all sorts of Samoyed Rescue sites that can help link families up with unwanted Samoyeds, so hopefully we can work it out.

Here’s a few irresistable ones currently looking for good homes:







How can you not love a dog named Odin? I’d totally dress him up as Thor for Halloween!

So when are we getting a Samoyed? Who knows? Probably not for awhile, but Allie’s already started researching heavily and looking around the country for one we can rescue. She’s all set to buy plane tickets to the midwest so we can pick up our baby. Am I the only one who thinks my wife may be tapping into the liquor cabinet one too many times these days?

What dog would you suggest for someone with allergies and two kids?

4 thoughts on “Doggone It! Apparently We’re Getting a Samoyed.”

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  2. I love that you are looking to rescue. That’s how we ended up with Kronk. After my other boxer passed away I kept looking and looking and looking at shelters. Then there he was! He has another person who actually signed up to adopt him, but then that persons wife said NO at last minute. So we got Kronk. And we love him. Good luck finding your pup.


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