Edible Chanukah House Giveaway (Ends 12/2)

Being Jewish has its advantages. I mean, how much fun is getting presents for eight straight nights?

On the flip side, we don’t get to decorate Christmas trees, hang lights outside our house, kiss under the misletoe, or yes, even decorate Gingerbread Houses. Sure we could do any of those, but they’re all pretty much associated with Christians. So instead, we spin our dreidels, stuff our faces with potato latkes (mmmmm), and light about a zillion candles.

But you can cross one of those off my holiday wish list now that I’ve found a Vanilla Cookie Chanukah House from Manischewitz!

The company sent me a sample of the product to try out and you just know I couldn’t resist this opportunity! Thankfully after a quick look at the ingredients, everything was safe for Jason. So the family gathered in the kitchen to start building us a house!

First up, we opened the box and took stock of everything. We found a few different colored icings, blue and white sprinkles, little yellow candy balls, yellow sugar crystals, blue and yellow fondant, and a package of the cookie pieces that will make the house.

After opening everything up and placing the decorations in various bowls, we opened up the cookies. Unfortunately either via shipping or more likely from the kids tossing the box around a bit before we opened it, a number of the cookies were cracked. This would prove to be a bit challenging but nothing we couldn’t take on.

Allie quickly grabbed a tub of fresh frosting (Our pantry is always stocked with Pillsbury’s finest) to use as edible glue. She first “glued” together the bottom foundation.

We then put up the four walls and had to “glue” a few more pieces on the side walls. We let that sit for a bit before carefully adding the roof. Then, as the directions state, we waited a good 20 minutes before diving in to decorate.

When it was time to decorate, we dove into everything. Fondant for the doors and windows, frosting blobs on the roof with candy dots in the center of each, frosting, sprinkles, candy stars and menorahs, etc.

Care to see a side view?

We had a lot of fun decorating the Chanukah House and really loved putting on the little touches like a candy menorah. But the real question is taste. Sadly, the house didn’t stand a chance against Jason and Ryan. They quickly dove in and started the demolition process.

The kids both gave a thumbs up to the cookies, and I have to agree with them. The vanilla cookie was pretty darn tasty, and even better when covered with frosting and sprinkles!

Manishewitz is having some fun this holiday season by giving away a bunch of great prizes (Including $500 for the Grand Prize Winner) to the best decorated Chanukah Houses. Just post your photos on the Manishewitz Facebook fan page to enter.

The Manischewitz® Chanukah House Decorating Kit consists of a Vanilla cookie base for assembling your creation and an assortment of toppings and additions to outfit the house as your imagination envisions it!  The toppings include blue, white, and yellow icing, sprinkles, mini beads, fondant, sugar, and custom sugar decorative pieces of a Star of David and a Menorah, both which are exclusive to Manischewitz®. 

You can find the Manischewitz Chanukah House Decorating Kit at your local supermarkets or online from Manischewitz.com. Suggested Retail Price for the kit is $14.99.

Win a Chanukah House Decorating Kit

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I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinions. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company providing the product.

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31 thoughts on “Edible Chanukah House Giveaway (Ends 12/2)”

  1. I love the lighting of the Menorah. I am Jewish and my favorite part is the lighting of the Menorah as it is one which has been passed down to me for 3 generations. Lighting it brings back so many memories of family, friends, celebration and most of all tradition,

  2. We love lighting the menorah and playing dreidel. Also I love seeing the faces of my kids while they open their packages.

  3. The best part of Chanukah is giving my children gifts for 8 days straight and watching them smile. For the adults, we LOVE eating latkes and all those other yummy foods.

  4. hahaha We are not Jewish, but I sure DO love a lot of Jewish foods, like Latkes! I make a LOT of Latkes… and I adore Mogen David Wines. And ANYTHING from the Jewish Deli… oh my gosh, Pastrami is to die for!

  5. The boys did a great job! I can only imagine how immaculate the house would have looked had your wife gotten her artistic hands on it.


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