Guess What I’m Finally Getting to Eat This Weekend

My wife’s been searching high and low in our county for these limited-edition Candy Corn Oreo cookies and she keeps coming up empty. We have two Targets, a Wal-Mart and loads of grocery stores, yet none of them in our NY area carries them. (Apparently, it’s not just my family that’s way too obsessed over Oreos. My blogging friend Lisa wrote all about this very same issue. Check out Lisa’s post over at Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!)

My parents and sister (Shout-out to Big Sis, Beth!) live up in the Albany, NY area and they’ve not only seen them, they’ve tried them!!! Since my parents are coming down for a visit this weekend, I sent them on a quest to bring us some of these delicious-looking morsels. My sister came through and found some this week, so my folks will be bringing them down tomorrow!

There WILL be a Candy Corn Oreo in my mouth tomorrow!

Have you tried the Candy Corn Oreos yet?

12 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Finally Getting to Eat This Weekend”

  1. I had NO clue about these lol thanks for sharing! ha

    They look very good..I LOVE candy corn & oreos so I’m sure I’d love them!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. I didn’t even hear about these until just now. I’m wondering if they have them here yet in Georgia. Ill be out shopping today so I will keep my eyes out for these. So glad you posted so I knew about them. I LOVE candy corn, these would be awesome!

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