Candy Corn Oreos Sadly Didn’t Impress Much

Well, my parents came down for the weekend and brought two very important things with them: Limited-Edition Candy Corn Oreos, and my all-time favorite homemade cookies in the world: Magic Cookie Bars.

If you’ve been following my blog, you already know of my family’s obsession with finding Candy Corn Oreos. We still can’t find them anywhere in our area. But my big sister came through and bought us a few packages. She lives near my parents up in the Albany area, so she handed them off and they made the trip down this weekend.

So after all that build-up, were they the most amazingly delicious things in the world or just absolutely revolting? Let’s find out!

Jason, a huge candy corn fan, was the first to take a bite:

Hmm. Doesn’t look like he enjoyed the taste too much. How would you rate these new Candy Corn Oreos, Jason?

Ohhhh, we’ve got a big thumbs down from Jason. Sorry, Nabisco! My parents and I tried them and thought they were good actually. Nothing great, though. To me, they tasted like the normal vanilla Oreos, with a hint of candy corn flavor. That’s it. They could’ve used a lot more candy corn flavor if you ask me. When you open the bag, though, the candy corn aroma is overpowering with that deliciously sweet sugary smell.

Ryan was too petrified to try these after Jason gave them a thumbs down. Although, to be fair, Ryan LOVES regular Oreos, but isn’t much of a fan of the vanilla flavored-ones to begin with.

Now, on to these Magic Cookie Bars I’ve talked about. Since I was a kid, my mom would always make them, and they’ve always been my favorite. After we discovered Jason had nut allergies, my mom changed the recipe to replace walnuts with pretzels. And they actually taste great. More recently, Jason developed a coconut allergy, so my mom once again needed to improvise. What’d she come up with this time? Caramel chips! A brilliant replacement and this batch of gooey chocolately goodness was as good (if not better) than any of her previous ones.

Here’s a close-up look at a Magic Cookie Bar:

They’re called Magic Cookie Bars because I can make them all disappear in like 3 seconds flat!

And here’s Jason’s reaction after trying one of these. Yes, not just two thumbs up, but two thumbs and two feet up!

What’s better than two thumbs up? Two thumbs and two feet up!

And here’s a really cute picture of Ryan just to end on another sweet note:

What are your favorite cookies?

24 thoughts on “Candy Corn Oreos Sadly Didn’t Impress Much”

  1. Bummer to hear about the Candy Corn Oreos, I haven’t even seen them in our stores but I really wanted to try them after seeing them here! Glad I will not waste my money though so thank you for the honest review! The magic cookie bars look scrumptious though! My favorite cookies are cinnamon sugar cookies my mom makes!

  2. I think Oreo’s are Okay! I am not inclined to try the candy corn variety, especially after this post. I like a good old-fashioned milk dunking chocolate chip cookie. They have to be able to soak up a bunch of liquid!

  3. The Oreos look good. I have not seen them yet at our store. I would rather have your Magic Cookie Bars, though 🙂

  4. Yeah, they don’t sound like they’d taste that good, lol (I kinda hate candy corn though)…but I’d give the magic bars everything up too, those look INCREDIBLE!

    • They didn’t taste bad, Penelope. Just didn’t really have that much extra flavor beyond the normal vanilla Oreos. And if you hate candy corn, don’t get these. The smell that shoots out of the bag when you open it would kill you!

  5. Honestly I can only eat regular Oreo cookies and that is if there is no other choice in the house. My 7 year old daughter loves regular and Golden, but every other kind we got none of us liked. We are mostly into soft, chewy homemade oatmeal cookies or similar 🙂

    The Magic Cookie Bars look delicious, would love to know the secret recipe 😉

  6. Are you going to post a recipe for the Magic Cookie Bars, or do I have to drive all the way to your house for some? 😉

  7. OK, I want the recipe for the Magic Cookie Bars….my littlest son demands it! You see, he love s cookies and wants to see if they truly are “magic” to his taste buds.

    Pretty please?

  8. If I’m ever on death row, I want your mom to make me magic cookie bars for my last meal… they’re the greatest things ever!!! (then again, maybe she can make them for me without me having to be on death row…)

  9. i’m a traditional oreo fan and actually really love the golden oreos too. I’m not interested in trying out the candycorn or any other flavors, to me it’s just too much mixing of flavors and they aren’t oreos anymore

  10. Aw. I was expecting to hear that they were awesome, to justify my on going search for them. Darn, but I totally see why they werent the best, Im not a big fan of the vanilla cookie either. Guess Ill just pick up a pack of traditional Oreos (my favorite!).

  11. Thumbs up on the cute kid pictures! (No, I’m not biased :)) The magic cookie bars were heavenly. I, like Ryan, was too scared to try them after Jason’s reaction. For the record, my friend Stacey loved them!!

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