The Strength of 1: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s not even October yet, and already pink is in the air. I’ve seen a number of Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns running already. And I think that’s great. No, it’s not the only disease out there, but it is one of the most preventable if detected early on. So in my opinion, every month should be Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I must admit, though, that I do love how major league sports teams get in on the support. There is nothing like seeing a 300+ pound linebacker running around a football field with pink highlights on his uniform. It seriously puts a smile on my face.

I’ve always been a supporter of breast cancer awareness and it’s probably because it’s something that hit my family when I was younger. Thankfully there’s a happy ending to this story, though it could certainly have gone a different way.

I remember being much younger, probably in middle school or a few years prior and my mom going in for tons of some sort of “tests.” It was close to my birthday, and suddenly my mom was in the hospital for some “procedure.” Yes, they had found a lump and she was having it and some lymph nodes removed. I was way too young to understand anything that was going on, though.

All I knew was my mom was in the hospital. And I was scared.

And while my mom’s going through probably the scariest moment of her life (this was back in the early ’80s so there was even less known about breast cancer then), all my mom would say to me is that she was so sorry she couldn’t go shopping for my birthday presents. She’d try to get to it soon and we’ll celebrate later.

I couldn’t care less about my birthday at that moment. I just wanted my mom home. Happy and healthy. And I told her that. I told her all I wanted for my birthday was for her to be okay. And that just made her smile and hopefully gave her even more strength to fight.

She had another bout a few years later, and then that was it. Thankfully, nothing has reoccurred since. She goes regularly for her mammograms and sits and waits immediately after to make sure everything’s okay. She still gets nervous every single time, and I can’t blame her. And each time the test comes out negative, she celebrates a little bit more.

Since breast cancer is genetic, I’m hoping my sister never has to deal with it, nor anyone else in my family. I pray my wife never deals with it, nor anyone else in her family.

There are just so many women affected by this, I can only pray that science will one day unlock the puzzle of what causes breast cancer, and figure out a way to eradicate it completely.

Now I want to talk about pizza. And not just because it’s lunch time and my stomach’s growling…

From now until the end of October, the talented folks behind Freschetta pizza are doing their part to promote breast cancer awareness through their new The Strength of 1 campaign. They’re sponsoring Bright Pink and inspiring individuals everywhere to wake up and realize that even one person can make a difference.

You can join the movement over on Facebook and even Take the Pledge to show that you have the power of The Strength of 1 inside of you.

So many women (and even men!) are affected by breast cancer. And so many individuals are tough-as-nails warriors who have beaten this disease and won’t let it stop them! Please do your part to help support the good fight. And hey, if that means doing something like buying pizza, well how can you refuse?

Do you know someone who’s dealt with breast cancer in their lives?

While I occasionally receive compensation in the form of products for posts, the opinions in this blog post are solely my own.

2 thoughts on “The Strength of 1: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness”

  1. Wow Andrew! This is just amazing. Thank you for writing this and sharing your own experience with the fear associated for all involved when it comes to this devastating disease.

    I was so young, I didn’t have children yet when I dealt with cancer (it was on my right breast and I had reconstructive surgery, but not a mastectomy). It changed my life. We caught it VERY early and I’ve been free ever since. It caused me to get my priorities straight at a very young age. I treasure all those close to me — especially my husband and beautiful, precious children. Life just wouldn’t be life without them.

    I also treasure friends I’ve come to know in this digital landscape — friends like you, Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to write this story and to share about the Bright Pink movement.

    • Hey, Samantha. Thanks so much for the comments. Appreciate it very much. And thank you for sharing too. So glad they caught it real early in your case and you’ve been free ever since! It can definitely set priorities, right?

      Thanks again for the seriously kind words. And keep Thinking Pink!

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