Hanging With Hasbro at the Pre-NYCC 2013 Party


Last weekend was the big New York Comic Con. I’ve attended a few in the past, even with the kids in tow. This year, however, it crept up on me, plus we were pretty booked up for the weekend anyways. But I still did get my geek-fill right before the show started last Thursday.

I was invited to a special Pre-NYCC party on Wednesday night, hosted by Hasbro. Yes, blogging has its privileges. I attended the Hasbro Event last year and had a blast. So I didn’t expect anything less this year. And obviously, I wasn’t disappointed.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights of the evening, most of which included a preview of some of the superawesometastic cool new stuff on the Hasbro horizon!

With a new Captain America movie coming out in early 2014, a toyline is a given. I cannot wait for the Winter Soldier movie, and hopefully some of these Cap figures and toys will end up on my desk soon.

Captain America movie toys
A new Captain America movie means a new crop of toys for Andrew!
Captain America movie toys
I spy something with my little eye… why, it’s a blogger playing with toys he’s not supposed to touch!
The Super Soldier gets a uniform upgrade!
Hydra Agent
Love this Marvel Legends Hydra figure. I need to buy like 50 of them to take on Cap!

Nerf continues to innovate and expand. Nothing beats a Nerf gun after all. Well, nothing except a Nerf crossbow that is! Check out this new line of Nerf weapons in its Zombie Strike line!

NERF Zombie Strike
I wonder if the “Walking Dead” gang practices with these…
Mommy's Busy, Go Ask Daddy Nerf Zombie Strike
Yeah, I’m bad. And I know it.
I hit the target every single time. Booyah!

I’ve talked about Hasbro’s KRE-O line before, particularly the really cool Star Trek sets they’ve put out so far. But this new line is a geek collector’s paradise! Yep, it’s based on the role-playing phenomenon Dungeons & Dragons! Loads of figures and sets, including a built-in game. Did I mention there are working catapults?

Dungeons & Dragons KRE-O
The coolest license ever gets the building block treatment!
KRE-O Dungeons & Dragons Castle
Castles, catapults and warriors!
Dungeons & Dragons Kre-O Treasure Chest
Yes it’s the world’s most adorable and dangerous treasure chest ever!
Goblin Drums
“Dance to the beat of the rhythm of the niiiight…” 

Not only was I one of the first folks to witness the premiere of Optimus Prime’s new paint job, but I found out that there’s definitely a Transformers 4 movie coming out, and it already has a name. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction! Yeah, I’ve been a bit out of the geek limelight lately. I need to work on that!

Optimus Prime
Autobots roll out!
Transformers Truck
That truck sure has some familiar looking markings…
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
First look at Optimus Prime’s new paint job!

I even caught a glimpse of two new life-size Star Wars figures. How sick does this Sith Lord look? And how dreamy does this Jedi seem?

Star Wars the Black Series
Red = Sith = Bad!
Star Wars the Black Series Jedi
Blue = Jedi = good!

There was also loads of great fashion at the party too!

I just had to go up to Aaron Sagers to ask him where he got this awesome shirt! Apparently a guy named Dr Jimmy Star make ’em! I so totally want one!

Aaron Sagers Comic Book Shirt
No lie, this guy has better fashion sense than me.

And I didn’t get a chance to talk to this woman, but you gotta love those superhero tights!

Comic Book Tights

As always it was so cool seeing all the new toys, interacting with Hasbro employees, and catching up (and meeting!) some of the nicest folks in PR these days. (That’d be all those incredibly cool and fantastic folks at Hunter PR. If you’re not working with them yet, you really should be!)

Check out my bad self! This may be my new professional photo courtesy of Hunter PR's Lou!
This may be my new professional photo courtesy of Hunter PR’s super cool Lou!

I can’t wait for all these new products to come out. But not as much as I can’t wait for next year’s party to see how these guys will outdo themselves yet again! Thanks for another great party, Hasbro!

15 thoughts on “Hanging With Hasbro at the Pre-NYCC 2013 Party”

  1. As a mom of two young boys, these toys are in my future. Looks like you had a blast! What fun “work” that someone has to do. Lucky you.

  2. It looks like you had a great time. We are so excited about the new toys coming out. My son’s favorite was your pic of Optimus Prime for the Transformers 4 movie.

  3. Well I think it would be fun to go to this. I think the zombie craze is funny, now a zombie nerf gun yeah I can see that being a huge hit.

  4. I’m a bit jealous, I would have loved to seen half the stuff you did. We totally missed out on our Comic con this year but do not intend to next year. I’m definitely going to have to find that Zombie Strike Nerf gun for my sons for Christmas. 🙂

  5. you are the luckiest kid ive ever known to get to go to these places,my grandsons an my 2 grown sons would LOVE to do this,,hey I know im not Jewish,but can I adopt you?LOL,,you have so much fun,,my 7 grandsons are all into Star Wars,,got it from their Dad an uncle im sure,,,the girls not so much,,but since I took my son to see the first star wars movie (he wasn’t allowed to go alone)in 1979,,im a fan too,as the old saying cant beat em ,join em! He is now (cough) 39 ,love to read your review,,always entertaining

    • Hah! Well, my parents may have a problem with you adopting me… And you can always convert to Judaism! We’ll get you a Bat Mitzvah and everything even. 🙂 Thanks as always for the support, Vickie! You rock!


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