Snap Into Some Tasty New Snacks Packed With Protein

Harvest Snaps

I’m so a snack guy. Give me a something crunchy any day, and I’ll gladly down a bag or two of chips before I’d even finish one candy bar.

So whenever I see a new snack , I’m sorely tempted. And when it’s a healthier alternative to potato chips or tortilla chips, well I’m quite skeptical. But of course, I’ll have to try it.

That’s where Harvest Snaps come into play. They pack the punch, er, crunch of other snacks but with the natural ingredients of good ol’ Mother Nature. Yeah, these are snacks made out of all-natural peas and lentils. No, no. Don’t be scared. It may sound a bit odd, but they’re actually pretty darn good!

First there’s the look and feel. While colors may change a bit based upon the flavor, these Harvest Snaps have a french fry shape with a super crunch! What about the taste?

Good question! I ripped open the Caesar Snapea Crisps first to give them a go. Here’s what they look like inside the bag.

Caesar Snapea

I grabbed one of the light-green crisps and it has a bit of a crumbly texture. Don’t ask me why one of my eyes is closed more than the other, though. I’ll just say I was doing my best Popeye impersonation as I prepared to take a bite.

Snapea Crisps

Here comes the choo choo train…

Snapea Crisps

Tough to beat that crunch! As for taste? Well…

Snapea Crisps

Big thumbs up! I thought they were pretty good. Not too overpowering in taste and I totally love the crunch. Also, they were a wonderful accompaniment to my tuna melt for lunch!

But what about all the other flavors? Well, I’ll be totally honest here. They’re pretty hit and miss.

I tried the Wasabi Ranch next and Oh-My-Momma did I love these! They reminded me of those dried Wasabi peas you can by at the Asian supermarkets. I love those and these are even better because they’re crunchier and bigger!

As for the Lightly Salted and Black Pepper flavors, those didn’t really do much for me. They weren’t bad, they were just kind of “meh.” If I had my choice, I’d take Wasabi every time, with Caesar as a solid backup.

Then there were the Lentil Snaps… Yeah, these just didn’t do it for me. The Onion Thyme flavor was okay, but the Tomato Basil just disagreed with every single taste bud in my mouth. Sorry, guys. I like the orange color and love the idea of a protein-packed snack like this, but it just didn’t work for me.

Harvest Snaps are baked, low in sodium and fat, and high in both fiber and protein. But they’re also gluten free. (Bet my blog friend Karen from Fab Grandma would love ’em!) Considering all the current findings and awareness surrounding gluten and a gluten-free diet, I welcome any crunchtastic snack that can further the cause.

Oh, and did I mention these were made from non-GMO crops too? (I know my blogging buddy Kim from What’s That Smell? will appreciate that fact!)

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to snacking (one that doesn’t just cut down on fat but also packs in protein and fiber), I definitely suggest you check out these new Harvest Snaps flavors. And for some real fun, take a look at the Harvest Snaps Lunchspiration site too!

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This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

14 thoughts on “Snap Into Some Tasty New Snacks Packed With Protein”

  1. They dont look so great, but I bet they do taste good. I am finding a whole lot of these natural snacks to be quite good. I might find these and get some.

  2. I am a snack person myself and I’m trying to cut down on my sodium intake. The flavors don’t sound too bad. I’ve never seen this brand before but I will pick up a bag when I get the chance.

  3. I bought a bag of the lightly salted for my son, he asked and I am all for a healthy snack. I haven’t tried them yet,my son loves them but my grandson wont eat them .

  4. These look tasty, but I am not sure they would fly here. But, the other consideration is price. They look expensive and probably not available here in podunk. I would try a bag though – always on the lookout for healthy, savory snacks.

  5. What a great idea! I love to find more ways for my kids to eat their veggies. Ironically, they love snap peas anyway so those might be a hit.

  6. My son and I have had these, and I thought they might not be very good, but they are so delicious! They are healthy, and delicious. I could eat these all the time.

  7. They look good, and some of the flavors sound good to me, but I have to ask this, um, er, urm, personal question: Since they are made of peas and lintels, did they cause much gas? I have to watch that kind of thing because of my colostomy. Gas tries to blow that bag right off. I know, TMI, but a girl has to know before she eats these and goes out in public.

    • Karen, thanks for the morning laugh, my friend! First off, I’m a guy. Eating just about anything makes me super gassy! I’m trying to remember if these did any extra-gas-producing and don’t think they did. I’d imagine the lentil ones would potentially, but not the pea ones.


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