I Found the Perfect Time to Take a Diet Coke Break for Myself

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drinking Diet Coke. I remember my mom and sister drinking it regularly and I honestly don’t recall why I started. Maybe my mom forgot to buy regular coke for me or I just didn’t care either way at that age. Whatever the case, I pretty much grew up on Diet Coke.

Nowadays, I’m still drinking it. I honestly prefer the taste of Diet Coke to regular Coke. Yes, I’m one of those people who orders a “Rum and Diet Coke,” emphasis on the Diet Coke.

I’m not the type that can pop open a can first thing in the morning. Sorry, guys, but I need my hot coffee to wake me up. (Although a Diet Coke-flavored coffee might be intriguing…) But once lunch time hits, all bets are off. I can down a number of Diet Cokes no problem.

Recently, I was selected to be a Diet Coke Ambassador. What exactly does that mean? Well, I get to represent the United States of America over in Diet CokeLandia. I spread goodwill to the people of the world and I can get away without having to pay any parking tickets!

Okay, so that’s not exactly true. Or even remotely true.

I am a Diet Coke Ambassador, though, and I’ll be happily sharing all sorts of fun Diet Cokeness across the blogosphere!

Diet Coke mini 4-pack

For starters, the carbonated-yet-calorie-free folks over at Diet Coke sent me a great welcome package the other day. It was a really nice (and big!) tote bag with a classy Diet Coke logo on the outside, along with a four-pack of mini Diet Coke cans. Those little guys were awesome! I tossed ’em in the fridge and the next day when I needed just a little “shot” of DC, I popped one open and guzzled it down.

They’re perfect when you just need a little sip, rather than a whole can or bottle. (By the way, my absolute favorite way to drink a Diet Coke is from one of their glass bottles that is ice cold! You just cannot beat it!)

There’s plenty of times to enjoy a Diet Coke, like at the movies, watching a Yankees game or just eating dinner. But the bestest time in the whole entire world? That’s easy.

The perfect time to take a Diet Coke Break is when you’re snacking on a cold slice of leftover pizza! As it happens, we had a few slices in the fridge. So I grabbed one of my small cans and went to town!

Diet Coke Break

An ice-cold Diet Coke mini in one hand and a cold slice of leftover pizza in the other. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

Diet Coke and pizza

Apparently I have an eating problem. But trust me, the pizza did eventually make it into my mouth.

Diet Coke mini

As did the Diet Coke mini. I guzzled it down and it was insanely refreshing. So much so that, yes, I popped open a second can.

I’m looking forward to bringing you loads more Diet Coke coolness from product announcements to promotions to all sorts of trivia.

Did you know Diet Coke became the first diet soda to be served in outer space back in 1995? Yeah, I didn’t either!

When is your perfect time to enjoy a Diet Coke?

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11 thoughts on “I Found the Perfect Time to Take a Diet Coke Break for Myself”

  1. We have a lot of Diet Coke drinkers at work and my sister probably keeps them in business LOL. I’m not much of a “diet” drinker in general it is either full fledged soda or water for me.

    Congrats on the Ambassadorship.

    • I’m not really a fan of Coke Zero. My wife, on the other hand, is an addict! She must drink 19 cans of Coke Zero a day! Okay, slight exaggeration. But she definitely downs a fan cans daily!

  2. My MIL is a HUGE Diet Coke drinker. I don’t drink anything carbonated so I don’t even know what the taste difference is, but she drinks Diet Coke all the time and I’ve never seen her drink a regular Coke!

  3. You are a riot. What would I do without you starting my day?? And, BTW, DC and cold pizza, when consumed together, is recognized as major food group.

  4. Yay! We are diet coke drinkers here as well and love it just as much as you. Congrats on becoming an Ambassador, that’s awesome!


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