Make Mine (Marvel) Lego!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge geek comic book fan. And I’m also a ginormous Lego fan. Put those two great tastes together and I’m on cloud 9. Lego Avengers? Yeah, a dream come true.

And now, well, just when I thought Lego couldn’t impress me anymore… they come out with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I love just about all the Lego video games. The Star Wars ones are still probably the best, but they’re all a total blast. And now that my favoritest superheroes ever are getting the Lego video game treatment, well, I expected it to be fun. Yeah, just fun.

And then I just watched this in-depth, amazingly awesometastic review of Lego Marvel Super Heroes from IGN. And “fun” is an understatement. Watch this and tell me you’re not halfway out the door ready to buy this thing?

Both my kids watched the review with me and Ryan repeatedly kept uttering, “That is the best game ever. The best game ever.” I think he may be right.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is available for all major platforms and is on sale… now! And the fact that Allie’s out of town this weekend pretty much means that I’ll be running out to Toys R Us in a few minutes to drop down $50 for this game. Just hope she isn’t reading this post…

Lego Marve Super Heroes

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(Note: If you use the link above to purchase the game, I make a small commission off the sale, which goes to help feed my own video game addiction, thank you very much. Either that, or something fun for the boys. Anyways, if you’d rather not use my affiliate link to make the purchase, you can just go straight to itself here:

22 thoughts on “Make Mine (Marvel) Lego!”

  1. I have a 11-year-old friend who just loves Legos and video games equally. He’s always ready to play either the game or the figures. Its amazing what he can build with Legos. I can’t believe I can give Lego Marvel Super Heroes to him for his next birthday, The combination is a sure win-win.

  2. my son loves this it is awesome i mean its like pulling a banana from a monkey trying to get him to put the remote down

  3. I thought the Indiana Jones ones were a little weak. If you’ve done your own full review, I haven’t seen it, but I’d like to.

  4. Ohhhhh – this is so cute…I think my nephew would like to play this game…he’s always trying to get me into them..but I like the sporty-challenge ones.

  5. Wow this is neat, it is one game I believe my grandson would love playing, he used to think he was the Hulk and I like when Lego did Star Wars game and this would be just as much fun, will need to check into this thank you for reviewing this game.

  6. So, I love Legos and love Marvel. I hope this marriage of the two lives up to what you say. I am putting it on the official Christmas list this year.

  7. I agree with you that this is pretty cool,,I have 2 grown sons an 7 grandsons that would play for hours on this,,they love legos,games an Marvel super heros


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