My Custom Suit from Indochino Fits Like a… Well, Like a Custom Suit

Indochino Custom Suit

I first wrote about my experience ordering a custom suit from Indochino about three months ago. Now I’d like to share the positively awesome results with you.

My suit arrived about five to six weeks after ordering it. I had no idea how it’d show up but it came in a nice large box, folded neatly inside. I tried the jacket on first and it was uber comfy. The pants, however, turned out to be a good three or four inches too short. They felt really comfy, they just looked a bit silly being so high.

I contacted Indochino’s customer service department from their website and have to say I was quite impressed with them. Not only did I get a very quick response, but they carefully labeled out exactly what I could do. If there’s enough material left, bring it to a local tailor and see if they can fix it. Indochino would even pick up the tab on alterations! If there’s not enough to let out, then I let Indochino know and they’ll send a new pair of pants after I re-measure.

So I brought them to a local tailor and they were indeed too short. We re-measured and emailed the corrections to Indochino. After acknowledging my alteration email, I was told it’d be another five or six weeks until my new pants would arrive. So I waited. Thankfully, I didn’t have a need for any wedding suits in the meantime. Although my old roommate’s getting married in late June, so I still had plenty of time.

The pants finally arrived and couldn’t wait to try them on. Of course that meant really dressing up again so I could take photos for this post. I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy so dressing up is never a fun occasion, especially when I’m not even going anywhere. So you should feel extra special that I dressed up solely for this blog post!

The pants fit so much better, coming down to below the top of my shoes. I then tried on the full outfit to see how it looked. It felt real comfortable I have to say. Although the shirt I picked was a little snug. It “might” have something to do with the fact that I’ve gained a good 10 or 15 pounds over the last few months thanks to mega stress. Yeah, thanks, Indochino. After looking at these photos, I so need to go on a diet. Either that, or I need another custom suit for my second chin…

The real test would be how it looked, though. I walked downstairs and Allie’s immediate reaction was, “Wow! That looks so good on you!” I’m a terrible judge of fashion (Which explains why my closet is basically full of Yankees, Atari and Star Wars T-shirts), so I rely on my wife’s opinion to make sure I don’t look ridiculous.

But take a look for yourself:



I love the monogramming inside the jacket too. It says, “Custom Made for Andrew Kardon” right about the left breast pocket. Now I’ll never have to worry about someone walking off with my jacket while I’m off busting a move on the dance floor!



Here’s a look at my suit from the back…


… and another from the back in a casual, jacket-over-the-shoulder pose. Note that Mega Bloks Skylander toys are not included with your purchase. Sorry.


And there you have it. Now that I have my proper measurements, it’ll be super easy to order more suits from Indochino in the future.

I was real impressed with the site’s user-friendly interface, and just as impressed with the company’s customer service and quality merchandise. I’d certainly recommend using them if you’ve never had a custom suit before, or if you’re like me and hate in-store shopping.

Now I can’t wait until my friend’s wedding, so I have a legitimate reason to wear my new custom threads!

Ready for my date


So how do I look? (Please, be gentle)

This post is brought to you by Blog Friendly PR and Indochino, this custom suit was provided to me for my review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “My Custom Suit from Indochino Fits Like a… Well, Like a Custom Suit”

  1. Great share@ Andrew!!!

    The suit really looks good on you.Custom made suits are a perfect fit and most of the time up to your expectations. As you have mentioned in the post that you were really impressed by the service providers, its true that there are only few service providers that facilitate their customers in such a pleasant manner.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and Keep sharing !!!!

  2. You look great!! I didn’t even know ordering a custom suit was possible…I’ll have to let my husband know this next time he’s in need of a suit.

  3. Looks great! I don’t even own a suit, I am a t-shirt kind of guy also except I usually wear wind or some sort of workout pant. I really should have a suit for weddings and funerals just refuse to give in!

  4. Very nice suit and nah…it sure doesn’t look like you need a diet. I think it just may run on the small size like some products we get. Really, I do love the suit

    • Aw, you’re sweet, Sandy. Either that or you need glasses. 😉 I’s not small at all, just the shirt color is 1/2 a size too small and I do clearly need to lose a good 15 to 20 pounds. It looks like I have this crazy goiter!


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