My Name is Andrew and I’m a K’NEX Ambassador


I’ve worked with many companies before doing reviews, giveaways and just general posts. But I’ve never before been an official blog ambassador.

Blog Ambassadors get to represent a company through multiple posts all year. Specifics vary by company, but some are paid, while others only give you free merchandise to review and give away.

I’ve always wanted to get an ambassadorship, and now a little over one year into blogging on Mommy’s Busy, Go Ask Daddy, I finally got my first official one. I’m proud to say that I am an official K’NEX Ambassador for 2013!

I’ve built a number of K’NEX toys with my kids in the past, mostly Amusement Park toys such as a dueling rollercoaster and Ferris Wheel. They’re a ton of fun to put together and even more fun when you’re done. Since they attach to a motor, they really do move, plus you can stick all sorts of little figures in the seats and give them the ride of their lives.

Thourhgout the rest of the year, I’ll be sharing the latest K’NEX news, reviews and hopefully some giveaways with you guys. I happen to have the inside scoop on a few upcoming sets and I absolutely cannot wait for them to come out later this year. Let’s just say if you’re a big video game fan like myself, you’re going to go broke buying up everything.

I’ve already received my first box of toys to review from K’NEX, so I sat down with my boys this morning and put a few sets together. There’s a neat line of motorized Robo Creatures. They aren’t too difficult to put together, but definitely take a little bit of time, so they give you your money’s worth.

Ryan decided to put together the Robo-Sting. It took us a few minutes to figure it out but we’re pretty sure this is supposed to be a bee.

Ryan's Project

Jason grabbed the Robo-Smash! This was one killer robot!

Jason's Project

That left me with the Robo-Strike. If you can’t tell, this one’s a robotic scorpion. And no, I don’t know what’s going on with my hair.

Daddy's Project

We each grabbed the instructions, dumped everything in piles on the floor and got to work!




The most colorful killer bee ever!
This robot reminds me of a crazed gorilla!
Never ever sneak up on a scorpion!

I have to admit, when we finished, these all looked pretty cool. And when you turn them on (they go backwards and forwards), the movement is pretty freaky. I need to turn these on one night when it’s super quiet in the house, so I can scare the bejeezus out of Allie with them.

The robot is probably my favorite because he really looks like a few screws are loose and he’s about to hunt me down and bring me back to his robot overlords. Ryan helped me put together a quick video to show you how they move.

One more neat thing about these three sets is that you can combine them to make one mega Robo Creature. We didn’t do that yet, but it’s next on our list!

You can pick up the Robo Creatures K’NEX toys either online or at your local toy stores.


While one or more of the products mentioned in this post were given to me for review purposes, no other compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

13 thoughts on “My Name is Andrew and I’m a K’NEX Ambassador”

  1. Congrats on the “upgrade”, I think you need a title for your name like “sir” or “K-God”. Well, look forward to your reviews on new products!

  2. Congrats on becoming an ambassador! I got my nephew KNEX tinker toys for Christmas last year and he has really enjoyed them. By your photos it looks like parents can have fun with them too!

  3. Congrats to you and I’m thinking you may have as much fun as the kids with these. Seems like many men really get into these with their children

  4. These look like so much fun. I think my oldest would be into this. He’s just getting old enough for Legos and fun stuff like this…I’ll have to remember this when Christmas rolls around!

  5. I love seeing what you built with the K’NEX – My teen loved them when he was younger. Now, I just have to get my 3 year old interested!

  6. K’NEX are so much fun. We just had a birthday party for my 4-year-old with K’NEX and Lego activities as the entertainment. After seeing how much fun they had at the party, I know my boys will continue to love getting new K’NEX kits as they get older.

  7. My kids used to love K’nex when they were a little younger. It looks like all three boys had fun!! Congratulations on being named an ambassador – they made an awesome choice!!


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