My Style Finally Catches Up With Me

Back in my high school and college days, I wore my jean jacket proudly. It was the thing to do in the ’80s and early ’90s.

You’d slap on all sorts of patches on the sleeves, various pins on the front pockets and if you really went all out, you’d get one ginormous patch covering the entire back. Usually it’d be music related like huge painted images from Iron Maiden or Pink Floyd. I never had the big patch on the back, but I loved my Underdog and Batman pins, as well as my Twisted Sister patches.

Yep, I still have that jacket and still love it. Times do change though, and apparently, so do styles. My jean jacket days are behind me, but I like to think I’ve matured. I’ve grown. Not just as a person (or a husband or a father), but as a fashionable trend setter. Nowadays, I really step it up a notch and wear a full-fledged penguin suit regularly.

Twisted Sister jean jacket

Okay, okay. Fine. You got me. I wore this to my buddy Ethan’s wedding this weekend (Big, fat, honkin’ congrats again to Ethan and Joelma!!!). But still, my taste has grown up a bit. I don’t even wear shorts and a Batman T-shirt to work anymore. It’s jeans and a nice collared polo shirt, I’d say. I’m older, and while I sometimes still feel like I’m 16, I know that how you present yourself on the outside can definitely have an influence on how other’s perceive you.

The same goes for something as basic as shampoo too. I’ll admit, in the past, I’d pretty much just use any old shampoo. Usually whatever was cheapest or on sale. I never really cared much. And while I definitely have less hair now then I did in the past, I like to step things up a bit in the shower.

Nowadays, I actually use AXE shampoo and conditioner, as well as an AXE style gel. Heck, I never really used to use gel at all in the past and would have this crazy, curly “clown hair” all the time. I feel all grown up now!

Me, Allie and my chins clean up pretty good.
Me, Allie and my chins clean up pretty good.

AXE itself has gotten an upgrade recently, by evolving into a bold and progressive line of hair care products. Best of all, you can look like a million bucks, without have to spend it! That’s because AXE and CVS has some serious savings coming your way!

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How do you update your style?

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6 thoughts on “My Style Finally Catches Up With Me”

  1. 1st : that jacket rocks!!! I’m 40 and being a huge geek I have my half of wardrobe that belongs at a comic-con, and my ‘I’m a mature adult’ half (kind of). I will say that I pay a lot more attention to my skin and haircare routine and what I buy. Even though I’m a girl, bi do love the scent of men’s grooming products and I have used the Axe body wash and loved it. I think you balance everything perfectly and u f you ever want to part with that jacket. …., kidding, I know the memories associated with it must be incredible!

  2. I must admit I like your ‘Penquin Suit’ better than your jacket. I admire your taste in hair products, though.
    One of my grandsons-thirtyish-loves Axe products and he looks good in them as well. I think you did well.
    My style is updated by buying new clothes that 1)fit me, 2) look good on me and 3) I can afford.

  3. You have the same taste as my husband – he’s an Axe guy also. I already cut out the coupon to use this week.


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