Netflix Stream Team Year Two Kicks Off in a Big Way


I’ve really enjoyed my first year as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. I got to bring you great posts about Orange is the New Black, Daredevil and even cartoons of my youth such as the Smurfs.

As a member of the Stream Team, we not only get some nice access to various new releases, screenings, parties and events (Daredevil set visit maybe? Hello? Netflix, you listening?), but we got a heckuva lot of killer swag too.

Last year, the Stream Team gang received a great Welcome Kit that included a free 1-year membership to Netflix, as well as an iPad Mini to watch all your favorite Netflix shows on. Pretty sweet, right?

Well, I just got picked for a second year to join the #StreamTeam, so I must’ve done something right! This year’s Welcome Kit went from mini to maxi! Forget those small portable screens of yesteryear… now we’re talking a 43″ Sharp HD Roku TV!


I can’t wait to set this bad boy up and start watching Netflix with the click of a button! Right now we have three remotes in our bedroom and I’m always dropping them all over the place. It’ll be so nice to condense that way down with this new Sharp TV!

Once again, we also scored a 1-year free membership to Netflix, along with a spiffy Netflix journal and Powerstick. Ryan’s just a tad bit excited about the whole thing.


Expect loads more awesome TV/Movie fun in my second year as a Netflix #StreamTeam member. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Kim from the awesometastic wellness and lifestyle blog What’s That Smell? for recommending me in the first place!

These days, Allie and I are loving Gotham and I, Zombie. I only wish I could take a week off for a Netflix Binging Staycation!

What are your favorite Netflix Shows?


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8 thoughts on “Netflix Stream Team Year Two Kicks Off in a Big Way”

  1. For along time I was sure Sense8 was nothing for me. Until the other day when I tried the first episode and LOVED it. I’m only half way thru the first season, so I have one and a half wonderful seasons to look forward to and a Christmas special to top it all off. Wonderful 😉

  2. We love Netflix. We use it to binge watch shows all the time… right now we are re-watching Criminal Minds starting with Season 1.


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