No Matter How Old Your Kids Are, Tinkertoys Are Actually Pretty Darn Cool

TinkertoysWho doesn’t remember Tinkertoys as a  kid? I definitely remember having one of those tall canisters filled with long wooden sticks and those round wooden wheels with a number of holes all around them.

We never got around to buying any for Jason and Ryan, though. The closest thing were the young K’NEX sets they got when they were real little. Rubbery pieces that snap together. Well, wouldn’t you know it, but now K’NEX is putting out Tinkertoys, and they’re real similar to those early sets my boys loved (and still love).

In my latest mega awesome collection of  products to review from K’NEX (be on the lookout for tons more reviews in the coming weeks!), there were all sorts of neat K’NEX rollercoasters, a Super Mario Ghost House Set and a Tinkertoy: Super Tink Building Set. I figured the kids are way too old for the Tinkertoys, so I put the box aside and was showing them the Super Mario Ghost House.

They love all things Mario and couldn’t wait to rip that box open and dive right in. Until… yeah, until they saw the Tinkertoys.

“Can we open this one, daddy?” Ryan asked.

I couldn’t very well say no, so I opened the box and let them at it. And wouldn’t you know it, those Tinkertoys kept Jason and Ryan occupied for a good two hours or so. They just kept building fun vehicles and monsters and traps and playing their pretend video game complete with levels and bosses.

I went downstairs today and caught Ryan playing with them again on the living room floor. So while the set is targeted at children ages 3+, it seems that “plus” goes on for a few decades!

Here’s the boys in action with the newest line of Tinkertoys. Note how you can see the Super Mario Ghost House in the background. Unopened. But in the middle is a neat looking dragon with purple wings!


“Can we keep ’em, dad? Can we? I’ll feed him and take him for walks!”


Apparently the boys loved these so much, they moved at super speed to put them together!


Jason’s hard at work building a giant walking waffle. I think.


I just love the tons of different connectors available. And the fact these are plastic, not wooden, is so much nicer than when I was a kid! Wooden sticks hurt!


Jason and his new friend!


I gotta say, this set is pretty awesome. With 150 different pieces and all sorts of connectors, rods, wheels and even a buildable figure called Super Tink, there’s so much potential to build! It does come with instructions showing you how to put together some neat vehicles and creatures, but you can also use your own imagination to pretty much build anything you want.

TINKERTOY: Super Tink Building Set #56434 
Builders ages 3+ can create a skyscraper, fighter jet, getaway car, or imagine your own heroic adventure! The Tinkertoy Super Tink set includes 150 durable, plastic pieces including spools, straight rods, bendable rods, wings, eyes, panels, a Super Tink buildable figure and more!  The newly redesigned Tinkertoy pieces snap together and stay together for long-lasting play. The colorful guide provides a variety of ideas for all building skill levels.  Comes in a sturdy box with lid for easy storage and portability. Suggested retail price is $44.99. Ages 3+. Available now on,, and at toy retailers nationwide.

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  2. yes,I agree all boys big an small like to play with tintertoys,,my sons lay an play with their sons for hours with these things

  3. Those look really cool, definitely something my girls would love! I might have to add this to their Christmas lists!


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