ProFlowers Really Has Some Great Gifts for the Wife, Besides Flowers!

I’ve heard of ProFlowers before and even used them to send, well, yes, flowers in the past. But I never knew they had so many other great offerings on their site.

Finding the perfect holiday gift for my wife is always a challenge. Probably because most guys are pretty terrible at shopping. And I’m not just talking about the fact that we usually wait until the last minute.

So when I was given the opportunity to check out, I didn’t skip a beat. I was going to “settle” for just surprising my wife with some flowers (which is always great for two days until my allergies kick into overdrive, and I end up snoring like a lumberjack). I looked around their Gifts for Wife section and was pleasantly surprised at all the great gift baskets they offered too.

There are great selections of fruits, nuts, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, bath and body items, and more. I know Allie loves lavender, so I decided on the Deluxe Lavender Relaxation Spa Set. It’s priced at a modest $54.98.  And the 20% off ProFlowers coupon I found pretty much negated the shipping costs! Bonus!

Now, to be completely honest, I didn’t expect anything great. I’ve ordered from flower/gift stores before and usually if you spend anywhere under $100, you’re pretty much guaranteed something the size of a matchbook with maybe two little items in it.

I have to admit, I was as excited as Allie when it arrived. She was surprised that I sent her a gift, and I was surprised at how incredibly nice it was. There were two fairly nice sized wicker baskets filled with a lot of lavender-based products!

I knew even if the items were lame, Allie would just love the baskets. So I was already ahead of the game! But let’s take a look inside, shall we?

Ooh, a nice loofah and wooden massager, as well as bath gel and bubble bath. Allie will definitely enjoy those, particularly the wooden massager. This basket alone is really nice, but there’s a ton more too in the other basket.

While the first basket deals with your entire body, this one deals with one particular body part: your nose. There’s a lavender-scented candle, potpourri, a fun Bath Bomb Fizzer (My kids love these!) and even Lavender diffuser reeds. There’s also Diffuser Oil and Bath Salts.

If it’s possible to have an aroma overdose, this is the set to do it!

Like I said, Allie loved everything about this set. And the really nice part is that when she’s done with all the goodies, she can re-use the two gift baskets to store any of her other cosmetics or toiletries.

I’m real impressed with ProFlowers and will certainly think of them first the next time I need to send someone a nice gift. With the holidays upon us, I definitely recommend checking them out to see if they can solve your “what the heck am I going to get for so-and-so” problem.


While I was given a gift card to review, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are completely my own and were in no way influenced by the company.

25 thoughts on “ProFlowers Really Has Some Great Gifts for the Wife, Besides Flowers!”

  1. These are great…and it’s nice to have ideas other than flowers…so I can leave strategic notes around…lol…I love flowers, but something I can actually use would be even better!

  2. Great ideas! I loveee my baths so would def love the bath salts! Going to have to *hint hint , nudge nudge* the hubby 😉

  3. I missed it for Christmas but my mom’s birthday is in a few days and I think she would love something like this! Thanks for the post.

  4. I’ve ordered from them several times. They have a wide variety of gifts & the items are packaged great & arrive safely 🙂

  5. Wow! I’m amazed – I never realized they had anything but flowers, and certainly not these nice things! It is good to know if you are away on biz or on vac and want to make a quick gift esp with flowers, too!!!

  6. I like their products, and they have some cool stuff other than flowers. I’ve gone to them several times and I’ve been pleased, and my only gripe is that things can be pricy.


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