The New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer May Actually Turn Me Into a Superman Fan

I’ve never liked Superman. I’ve collected comic books since the 3rd Grade, and from the thousands of issues I’ve read (not to mention cartoons I watched over and over), I still found Superman just, well… Super Dull.

He’s crazy powerful. Way too goody goody. And his secret identity is a total goof. Seriously, what kind of challenges can you put in his path? The Toy Man? That’s one of his big villains?

It just seemed so lame. Kryptonite would always play a key role in weakening him so that he’d have to rely on his Super smarts to get out of a situation. I mean, how much Kryptonite exists in the DC Universe for crying out loud?

Anyways, the point is, I’m not a Superman fan. Yes, I’ve read a few (very few) comic books with Superman that I thoroughly enjoyed. But I can count those all on one hand. I loved Christopher Reeve‘s first two Superman films. And like most fanboys, hated Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns.

Marvel’s kicking DC’s butt in the movie category. Hands down. The Batman trilogy was great, but you can’t beat the continuity and full-on superhero action from all the Avengers films.

So when Man of Steel was announced, I rolled my eyes. Yet another Superman reboot. Great. Is it going to be yet another origin story? Will he have a kid in this one too?

Early photos revealed a darker, edgier look but really did nothing to pique my interest. I couldn’t have cared less. Until I saw the full trailer that was just released. Take a look.

I have to say that after seeing that, I’m definitely interested. I have no idea what the plot is or who the baddie’s going to be. I just know that Superman seems a lot more “human” than he ever has before. The fact that Watchmen‘s Zack Synder is behind this one just further intrigues me.

Clark seems to be struggling with his powers and dealing with society as well. I get the feeling that a lot of time is going to be spent on developing his character in terms of why he cares so much for Earth and its people.

I know there’ll be a few more trailers that will reveal loads more along the way. And my opinion may change or it may get stronger. But right now, for the first time in just about forever, someone’s finally made a Superman that I might actually care about.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013.

What did you think of the Superman trailer?

7 thoughts on “The New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer May Actually Turn Me Into a Superman Fan”

  1. Ugh. I dig Superman, but I’m so annoyed with this movie. Can’t we do a Superhero movie that’s NOT an origin story? We all know who Superman is … we all know where he grew up … can’t you just tell that story in the credits and then move on to the action?

  2. Andrew,

    I started collecting comic books when I was a child and Superman was always one of my favorites. Don’t be a hater but i have a Superman emblem tattoo on one of my calf’s and the other has Wolverine claws. It is my homage to comic books and the D.C./Marvel universes.

    I must admit this new trailer has me more intrigued then ever before. It looks like a Superman with an edge. I hope it remains that way and they aren’t using the previews to fool everyone.


    • Hey Aaron! I’m not really a hater. Anyone who’s proud enough of their geeky fanboyishness to get a tattoo is okay in my book! I love Superman’s look. You can’t beat that iconic S-shield! i just find the character flawed by his lack of flaws. 🙂

  3. Superman was always my favorite superhero and I agree Superman II was the best of all the Superman films to date. This has me excited.

    Cartoon Network used to have a Superman Cartoon Series and eventually Justice League that were VERY VERY good and better than most movies. They had good plot lines, excellent voice work Dana Delaney was Lois Lane and Tim Daly as superman in the cartoons from 1996 – 1999 or so.

    • Oh, I watched that Superman series when it came out. It was by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett, I believe. The same team behind the incredibly awesome Batman: The Animated Series. I liked the Superman one, but again it was still… lacking for me. He just didn’t do it for me. I was entertained but didn’t totally buy into it. I LOVED the Justice League cartoon though! That was incredibly awesome, especially when it became Justice League Unlimited and had zillions of characters!


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