I Just Can’t Stop Eating These Seaweed Snacks Called Chomperz

When it comes to healthy snacks, I’ll usually munch on some homemade Kale Chips. They’re good and crunchy, but kind of messy and take a long time to make in the oven. Recently, though, I discovered a bunch of seaweed snacks that I simply cannot stop eating.

seaweed snacks

I was walking the aisles of a local ShopRite supermarket when a cartoony shark caught my eye. A big fan of the Jabberjaw cartoon from decades ago (Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!), this googly eyed shark was staring back at me on a bag of crunchy seaweed chips called Chomperz.

I quickly checked the nutrition facts to make sure they weren’t super fattening like most chips and then rolled my eyes to the ingredients to see if they were nut free. To my surprise, they weren’t just low in calories and fat, but they were extremely minimal in ingredients with no nuts in sight.

That means they weren’t just a healthier snack, but something I could safely bring home and not have to worry about Jason’s allergies. So I tossed a bag of the Jalepeno and Original flavors into our shopping cart and impatiently waited for my wife to finish shopping. Like we really need milk and eggs and fruit and vegetables. Didn’t we just buy all that weeks ago?

Anyways, we got in the car and before Allie could even back out of our parking space, I was face first into the Jalapeno bag of Chomperz. And like Disney’s Aladin, I had entered… a whole new world.

I’m a salt over sweets guy and will take chips over cookies any day of the week. The crunchier the better, too. And true to name, Chomperz are so much fun to bite into. They’re all sorts of odd shapes too, like triangle chips that are semi folded over.

seaweed snacks

Made mostly of rice flour and seaweed, they have a great crunch and a Japanese cracker-type taste. Imagine having a sushi roll minus the fish… and turned crunchy. That’s kind of how I’d describe these Chomperz.

As for the Jalapeno… I’m a fan of spice but only to a medium degree. I love mild and medium buffalo wings. Hot is tough to handle. So when I started eating these Jalapeno seaweed snacks, I was actually surprised how mild they seemed. So I had a second. And a third.

And then it hit me. GAH! These things were hot!

But so good. And so crunchy.

It was a good kind of hot thankfully because I couldn’t stop myself from continuously crunching them.

The original flavor is just as good. Same crunch without the spice.

seaweed snacks

It didn’t take long for Allie to try them and become just as addicted to them as I was. Suddenly, every shopping trip resulted in a few dozen bags of these things making their way home. All these googly eyed sharks made me think we were suddenly living in an aquarium.

Then I had a thought. I’d reach out to SeaSnax, tell them I’m a blogger and see if they’d like to work with me. And you know what? They did!

seaweed snacks

They sent over a mixed case of Chomperz along with single serve sizes of the Original and Onion flavored seaweed snacks. These guys aren’t just generous, they’re a really nice company all around. SeaSnax Chomperz have won the 2017 NEXTY Awards in the Best Natural Kid’s Product Category.

Did I mention they have no GMOs too?

Yeah, if you’re looking for a new way to satisfy your crunch and to get your kids eating healhier and more natural foods, you should definitely give Chomperz a try. They’re currently available in four flavors: Original, Jalapeno, Onion and Barbecue.

Find them at your local supermarket. You can view the Where to Buy page on SeaSnax’s website or even buy them by the case directly.

seaweed snacks

seaweed snacks

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I was provided product featured in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I have never heard of anything like this!! Definitely a specialty snack not for everyone but one that I am interested in trying!

    What was you fave flavor? Spicy or original?


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