Seeing the World Through Sky-Colored Steampunk Goggles

I’ve already written about the awesome Steampunk Goggles company that my buddy Dennis started. And if you act super quickly, you can still enter my giveaway to win your own pair of Brass-Colored Steampunk Goggles! Recently, Dennis was kind enough to send me a pair to review, and I couldn’t be happier to be an industrial, steam-powered guinea pig.


I was sent a pair of the Black and Bronze Steampunk Goggles with Blue Lenses. When the box arrived, Allie just looked at me and rolled her eyes so hard, I think she may’ve sprained them. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to try them out. And the boys were super curious too.

These are legitimate, fun goggles that are just a total blast. I didn’t even have to adjust the straps, they just fit right on my head perfectly. I must have the textbook average-sized head! The blue-tint just gives everything a total other-worldly feel. The detail of the bronze and the emblems really sticks out as authentic.

Personally, I just love those two eye loupes that act as magnifying glasses. They actually work and make me feel like I’m a certified tinkerer!

Ryan helped me out by putting these on and entering the world of Steampunkness!


He immediately got to work on looking very closely at his measurements. (Shh… don’t tell him the measuring tape is upside down.)


I distracted Ryan long enough to get the Steampunk Goggles off his head and try them on myself. I grabbed my intricate steam-powered machine that needed some tinkering and got to work on it!


How do I get this thing open?


Finally break through and make the proper adjustments. Will it work now?


Yes! Looks like I managed to get it working. Now where did I put all that coal?

IMG_0705Success! I honestly feel like I can fix anything in the world with this puppies on. Or heck, even fly a zeppelin cross country if I wanted to. That’d certainly make for an easier commute I bet!


I give these Steampunk Goggles a huge thumbs-up for originality, quality and all-around total fun. For you cosplayers out there with steampunk costumes or even just old-style goggles to add to your outfit, you should definitely give these a shot. They look great and they’re real comfortable too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go break the microwave so I can put on my goggles and fix it!

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29 thoughts on “Seeing the World Through Sky-Colored Steampunk Goggles”

  1. I love the look of the goggles and think they are great. If I had them, I would use them when I thread the needle on my sewing machine — it’s hard to hold a magnifying glass while working with your hands.

  2. I love the Steam Punk Goggles and there web site.!!!! I think they are the coolest! I enter a giveaway to try to win a pair, but I guess I didn’t win. Shoot! I really wanted a pair. Tell Dennis to have another giveaway and he’s got a fan here. 🙂

  3. These are fantastic! I have to buy a pair this spring for my son! Didn’t realize how many different styles there were. He’s going to be so surprised…Thanks for the review!!!

  4. Wow, these are cool. Honestly, they look great on everyone! i’ve never seen these before, thanks for the awesome review!

  5. “No iPads were harmed in the making of this review.” LOL that’s a pretty scarily realistic “action shot” with the pliers there, professor.

  6. These goggles are pretty cool…I shared the site on FB ’cause I’ve got a few friends who would be into this kind of thing. Think about the awesome LARP characters you could come up with designed around these glasses! I kind of want a pair. lol

  7. These look awesome! Would be helpful for my parents….can’t see anything without their Dollarama glasses! My daughter would wear these around the house…

  8. Aw man, thanks for the giggle! Those are just too cool! I wonder what I could get into trouble tinkering with. I hope Allie has recovered from her eye strain! 🙂


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