A Spider-Ham Cake Capped off a Spectacular 47th Birthday

Birthday Presents

Any day that kicks off with your own fully functional Infinity Gauntlet and ends with a spectacular Spider-Ham cake is one for the record books.

Yes, today was my birthday. My 47th to be exact. And as always, my family made it extra special.

The day started with a pile of presents. (After a cup of coffee first, of course.) I always create ridiculous wish lists every year that cover the gamut of geekdom from Star Wars Lego Death Star sets to Captain America hand warmers. Sometimes my wife goes with things on my list, other times she goes “off menu” and just nails it.

That’s exactly what she did this time.

As a recent convert to the hilarious Rick & Morty cartoon, I want, no, I need anything and everything that is Pickle Rick. He’s a ludicrous character from probably my absolute favoritest episode yet. I have the action figure already, but that’s it. Well, my better half really came through in the clutch.

Birthday Presents

Not only did she snag me a Pickle Rick T-shirt, but I’m now the proud owner of a Pickle Rick notebook and Pickle Rick pen! She also grabbed a Mr. Meeseeks (My second favorite episode!) note cube! I clearly will continue to have the coolest desk in the office.

I also got my very own Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, it’s fully functional. The fingers all move, the lights sparkle up and spiffy cosmic sounds emanate every time you use it.  Who knew that all Thanos really needed to rule all of reality were three AAA batteries?

And finally, my son Ryan picked me up a cool model kit from the Smithsonian when he recently visited Washington D.C. on a class trip. Can’t wait to put that together with him.

But Ryan got me another amazing present. That afternoon we went to his little league baseball game and I got to see him get his first hit of the season! It was a sharp grounder between short and third, and sent two runners home! He also hit a deep fly ball to center later in the game that was unfortunately caught by the only alert player on the other team. Definitely two proud papa moments!

Next up was dinner and then the most anticipated moment of the day… my wife’s homemade birthday cake.

Every year, my beautiful wife Allie makes a Duncan Hines yellow cake with Pillsbury frosting. Those are the givens. What aren’t known are what character/theme will she decorate the cake with? She’s outdone herself ever year.

Here are a few quick examples of previous cakes she’s made for me and the family:

Fozzie Bear from the Muppets in cake form
The greatest Fozzie Bear Birthday Cake ever!


Another Muppets cake, this time with Rowlf the dog!


Infinity Gauntlet Cake
An Infinity Gauntlet birthday cake for Jason


Goofy Disney cake
A Goofy Birthday cake for my mom!


Toad Nintendo
Jason’s favorite Mario character, Toad!

Since I share these cakes on my Facebook feed, over the years, my friends have gotten quite used to seeing them. It’s gotten to the point where I think Allie is more popular with my friends than I am! All week I’ve had people talking to me about my upcoming birthday, but only because they want to know what birthday cake she was making for me!

They waited all day and I teased it was coming but had no clue what Allie was making for me this year. With all the Rick and Morty birthday gifts, I was 75% confident it was going to be an obscure character (like Mr. Meeseeks) on the cake. But when I finally opened my eyes, I was shocked to see the most adorable cake ever:

Spider-Ham Cake birthday
My very own Spider-Ham Cake!

Yes, that’s a Spider-Ham cake! I’ve loved ol’ Peter Porker since his first comic book debut in Marvel Tails #1 decades ago. But he rose to huge mainstream fame with his recent appearance in the really cool Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse animated movie. Now everyone wants a piece of Spider-Ham.

Me? I just want a piece of this Spider-Ham cake. Which I guarantee you is delicious.

Spider-Ham Cake



6 thoughts on “A Spider-Ham Cake Capped off a Spectacular 47th Birthday”

  1. A long time ago,
    In a galaxy far, far away…


    Happy Birthday, Andrew!

    Lynn Dalton

    PS: The cake is the bomb!

  2. Happy birthday, Andrew! Love the picture of you with Jason and Ryan! A little concerned, because a fully-functional infinity gauntlet seems like a dangerous gift; make sure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands!


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