I Was Admitted to General Hospital for an Exclusive Set Visit

#GH55 #ABCTVEvent

Looking back to my childhood years, I remember coming home from school to find my mom and sister glued to the TV as the latest episode of ABC’s General Hospital aired. Who knew just a few decades later I’d be walking on the very sets that they were mesmerized by. Yep, I recently had a trip to the hospital while I was out on a #HanSoloEvent Blogger Trip in Los Angeles, California. No, not that …

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ABC’s Deception Casts a Magical Spell on Traditional Crime Dramas

ABC TV Deception

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve joining my dad in Manhattan for work. Every once in awhile he’d either have a day off or it’d be a weekend and the two of us would head into the Big Apple. I’d play with things on his desk (nothing like a good pair of scissors!) or the copy machine down the hall. But the best part of the day was easily the magic shop. I loved …

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Marvel’s Inhumans is Literally Out of This World – And There’s a Teleporting Dog!

When Arnim Zola showed up as a series of computer screens in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I thought there was absolutely no way on Earth that Marvel could top themselves with crazy, obscure, bizarre characters making it to the mainstream. Now that I’ve seen previews of Inhumans, I stand corrected. Lockjaw, a giant, teleporting dog, is making his way to the small screen this month! Continuing its entertainment domination with major motion pictures, Netflix …

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ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ Brings Back that ‘Lost’ Feeling to TV

Resurrection Group #ABCTVEvent

Ever since LOST ended its amazing and mysterious run in 2010, I’ve been looking for a solid replacement show. Sure there’s loads of great TV I’m enjoying, but nothing to fill that “eerie and mysterious” niche. Comedies, dramas and action-packed shows are covered. But I haven’t been able to hook myself on anything “special” since that last episode of LOST. And then I saw ABC’s new show Resurrection. And after just the pilot, I’m already …

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