I Was Admitted to General Hospital for an Exclusive Set Visit

#GH55 #ABCTVEvent

Looking back to my childhood years, I remember coming home from school to find my mom and sister glued to the TV as the latest episode of ABC’s General Hospital aired. Who knew just a few decades later I’d be walking on the very sets that they were mesmerized by. Yep, I recently had a trip to the hospital while I was out on a #HanSoloEvent Blogger Trip in Los Angeles, California. No, not that …

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Dive into My Grey’s Anatomy Set Tour STAT!

Grey's Anatomy #ABCTVEvent

The following Grey’s Anatomy set tour post contains affiliate links. When I told all of my friends about my L.A. Blogging Adventure there was a very obvious split. All my guy friends were drooling with jealousy at the Captain America interviews and early screening I’d be participating in. The woman? They were all ready to claw my eyes out with jealousy over the fact that I was going on a Grey’s Anatomy set tour. I’d …

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