Taste the Rainbow of the New Avengers Infinity War Posters

This is not a drill. Nor is it an April Fool’s Day joke. It’s almost Go Time. Yes, April is officially here and that means we can officially start the countdown to Avengers Infinity War! Hitting theaters on April 27, you better believe I already have my tickets in hand for me and the family. I should probably go purchase more for the second weekend now before it sells out too… Anyways, the hype is …

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The Avengers Infinity War to End All Wars

Avengers Infinity War

I can’t stop watching it. Seriously. I must have watched Marvel’s latest Avengers: Infinity War trailer close to 5000 infinity times at this point. The initial teaser trailer had the fanboy in me going a bit nuts, but this new trailer… well, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Packed with just about every Marvel hero we’ve seen so far, this is what Marvel Movie fans have been waiting well over a decade …

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To Infinity War and Beyond!

Infinity War

Marvel Studios just can’t leave me alone. They continue to impress me movie after movie. And now they’ve resorted to teasing me. Yes, I’m talking about the Avengers: Infinity War trailer that just dropped on fanboys and fangirls worldwide. Um, what? You haven’t seen it yet? Like, seriously? What are you, a DC Comics fan or something? (No offense, to my DC Comics friends!) Seriously, Infinity War is going to be epic. Like insanely epic. …

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The Avengers Titan Hero Series Action Figure Giveaway


Did you guys enjoy the 3rd Annual Take Your Action Figure to Work Day last Friday? I had a blast bringing Homer with me. He was incredibly helpful, let me tell ya! Sure he stole tons of office supplies and slept through all my important meetings. But the big lug sure knew how to whip up a cup of coffee, let me tell ya! In honor of Take Your Action Figure to Work Day, Mommy’s …

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Tony Stark is a Big, Fat Jerk


I’ve always loved Captain America. No surprise there. I really love just about every single character to come out of the Marvel Universe. My favorite book, though, has always been Avengers. The team dynamic, with Captain America heading up the troops more times than not. And one of the best parts? The tension you could always feel between Captain America and Iron Man. Sure they’re buds, but they’ve had quite a few knock-out fights. So …

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