Magic Cookie Bars: Only the Greatest Thing You Will Ever Put In Your Mouth

I recently shared with you guys what I thought of those super-hard-to-find new limited-edition Candy Corn Oreos. Word on the street from most people I’ve talked is that they agree. The cookies are good but nothing super spectacular. In other words… Hey, Nabisco! Next time give it WAY more candy corn flavor! What did surprise me, though, was that I was flooded with questions from my readers and friends asking me for the recipe to …

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Candy Corn Oreos Sadly Didn’t Impress Much

Well, my parents came down for the weekend and brought two very important things with them: Limited-Edition Candy Corn Oreos, and my all-time favorite homemade cookies in the world: Magic Cookie Bars. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know of my family’s obsession with finding Candy Corn Oreos. We still can’t find them anywhere in our area. But my big sister came through and bought us a few packages. She lives near my …

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Guess What I’m Finally Getting to Eat This Weekend

My wife’s been searching high and low in our county for these limited-edition Candy Corn Oreo cookies and she keeps coming up empty. We have two Targets, a Wal-Mart and loads of grocery stores, yet none of them in our NY area carries them. (Apparently, it’s not just my family that’s way too obsessed over Oreos. My blogging friend Lisa wrote all about this very same issue. Check out Lisa’s post over at Oh Boy, Oh Boy, …

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Nut-Free and Delicious? Win Allergy-Aware Cookies in our Skeeter Snacks Giveaway!

My oldest son Jason has severe food allergies to nuts and seeds. That doesn’t just mean, “Look out for peanuts!” It means reading ingredients on everything under the sun. Every single time. No mustard. No sesame seeds. No M&Ms. It’s something he’s lived with for almost his entire life so far (all 9 years of it). When he was younger, he LOVED the separate crazy cupcakes my wife would make for him to take to …

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Why Yes, That is a S’more Inside That Chocolate Chip Cookie!

The above mouth-watering image has been flying all over my Facebook stream today. I originally found it on Google+ I think and just did some heavy research (i.e. Google Image Search) to find the originator. Check out Smells Like Home’s Giant S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies for full details and the recipe. I’ll just be over here with a life-size glass of milk, just waiting to taste test.