Legos, Assemble!

Back in June, I celebrated my 40th birthday and got one of the coolest gifts ever: a Lego Avengers Quinjet. I started putting it together with my boys but various parties and events kept distracting us from finishing it. Until this weekend! Ryan really wanted to finish it, so we dove in on Saturday and started. Sunday morning, we opened the final bag and the beginning of the end began. Jason joined us too and we …

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Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day Superhero

I’ve had a great Father’s Day so far, snagging some awesome presents and tons of hugs. For my 40th birthday earlier this month, I got the Lego Batcave, which I literally finished putting together last night. Today I switched to the Marvel Universe and got a bunch of Avengers Legos. Yeah, I already had to put Captain America together. Looking forward to spending the whole day with the extended family. I can’t believe I’ve been …

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Of Superheroes, Sushi and Poop – My 40th Birthday Rocked the House!

I may’ve turned 40 on Saturday, but I feel like I’m 12 again. This weekend, my wife and kids pulled out all the stops. And I do mean all. The day started bright and early at 7:02 when my alarm clock (a.k.a. Ryan, my super-excited 6-year-old) jumped into bed screaming it’s my birthday. He then proceeded to watch an episode or two of T.U.F.F. Puppy on TV while I dozed in and out of dreamland. …

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