Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Giveaway

There’s been a lot of talk about Rio these days. Lots of controversy with Olympians bowing out of attending the 2016 Olympic Games for a variety of reasons. Who knows what will end up happening and who will be taking home the gold? Whatever the case, I know my family will be glued to the TV watching some of the world’s greatest athletes compete! And there are two names we’re already chanting in our house …

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Kirby: Planet Robobot is Eating Up All of My Free Time

Reviewer: Jason, Age 13 Game: Kirby: Planet Robobot The pink puffball is back in an all new adventure with giant robots. In Kirby: Planet Robobot, you play as Kirby, eating things and absorbing their powers as usual. But then, the Invader Armor comes down and you kill it because you are Kirby, a being possessing infinite power. Next you hop into the armor and it becomes the Robobot Armor.  Now you can be super powerful. The …

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Win a Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle

I know my family’s not the only Nintendo family out there, right? There are millions of Mario Lovers across the country. And that’s why, to help celebrate Nintendo’s official MAR10 Day, I’m kicking off the biggest blog giveaway of the year! My supercool friends at Nintendo are donating the coolest prize package this side of the Mushroom Kingdom. Seriously, I feel like I just punched an item box and scored a yellow star! One lucky winner on my blog …

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Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam is Jam Packed with Fun

#MarioLuigi #PlayNintendo

Game: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Reviewer: Jason, Age 12 The newest installment in the Mario and Luigi series, Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, is here. The story starts off with Luigi trying to fix a draft coming from the attic.  Thanks to a rat, he accidentally knocks over the book containing the Paper Mario World which releases all the characters from the Paper Mario World into the real world.  Now Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario …

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is a Smash Hit


Game: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Reviewer: Jason, Age 12 Nintendo just sent me the new Mario tennis game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.  This game mostly plays like other Mario Tennis games.  You hit a ball back and forth, either in singles or doubles.  Chance shots return from Mario Tennis Open.   If you haven’t played Mario Tennis Open, I’ll fill you in.  Chance shots appear on the ground where the ball is going to land and …

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