The Force is Strong With Pop Secret and This Daddy Blog


In college, I was never part of a fraternity. I had my friends but I was never part of a larger organized group.

Now, however, I’m proud to say I’m a member of one of the most elite organizations around: The Jedi Alliance.

Yep, I was handpicked by those powerful in the ways of The Force (that’d be the awesome folks at Life of Dad and Pop Secret!) to join the Jedi Alliance and help share my adventures and lessons along the way to becoming a true Jedi Master.

I may not have green screen or pointy ears (not yet, anyways), but thanks to Pop Secret’s new Pre-Popped Popcorn, I feel like I can move mountains. And I probably can!

This box sure looks delicious!

See, my day started off like any other weekend. I was tired and just wanted to flop on the couch and turn on the TV for some galactic fun. It’d been awhile since I last saw Star Wars™, so I had prepped the DVD player earlier.

The Dark Side of the Force was clearly at work, however. As I sat on the couch, I quickly realized my greatest challenge lay in front of me. Only a few feet away.

Here, take a look and all will be explained:

Who knew that besides being super tasty, Pop Secret pre-popped popcorn could actually help you harness the Power of The Force?

So thats’ whats in the box…

I’ve been eating Pop Secret’s microwave popcorn for years and years. But I don’t recall ever being able to move my dirty laundry into my hamper with nothing but my mind. If only I had these bags of pre-popped popcorn back in college.


And just as there are many different colors of lightsabers, there are a large variety of pre-popped popcorn flavors, including:

  • Salted
  • Homestyle
  • Kettle Corn
  • White Cheddar
  • Extra Cheesy

Popcorn’s probably my favorite finger food (it’s just so easy to… pop in your mouth!) and when you toss some of my favorite Star Wars™ characters on the bags, I’m more than sold! These bags are seriously perfect for sharing with the family on a Friday night while we watch the Original Trilogy and prepare for the sure-to-be-insane Star Wars™: Episode VII hitting later this year!

I’m a little nervous to see what Jason will do with The Force now.

If you’re looking to get in on the Star Wars™ Pop Secret fun, you’re in luck! The #PopWars has started and not only can you be a part of it, but you can win some crazy cool prizes too! Simply create your own #PopWars video and you could win $1000 in Pop Secret popcorn and Star Wars™ prizes! Just head over to Life of Dad for details.


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Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Pop Secret and was compensated for my participation in this promotion

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  1. You know I havent even seen these bags when they were out. Maybe it was regional. I buy Pop Secret quite a bit we love it. Cool bags!

  2. Hi I happened to stumble upon your blog. Would you be interested in selling the box from the Pop Secret to an insane Star Wars food packaging collector? (Me) LOL



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