This Week’s Family Movie Night: Disney’s PLANES

We’ve covered Disney’s Planes quite a bit on here (thanks to some fantastic field work from my roving blog reviewer Kenda), including a red-carpet premiere. But I never had a chance to see the film myself. Until this weekend.

Disney was mouse-erific enough to send me a review copy of Planes. Their timing couldn’t have been better, because we were in desparate need of a good Friday Family Movie Night film!

Disney Planes

We popped the movie in (and popped the popcorn, natch) and plopped down on the couch for a family viewing!

I’ll be honest. The small previews I’d seen didn’t really do much for me. I didn’t have that much interest in seeing Planes. “It looks like Cars, but with Planes” was pretty much what I thought. So I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the film.

The main story sees Dusty (a local cropduster) dream of becoming a racing plane. With some help from his friends he sets his soaring sites on winning a global race. Oh, to throw another monkey wrench into the mix… Dusty’s afraid of heights. Yeah, go figure.

Set in the world of Cars, there’s that same adorable feel all around, including the familiar cow-like tractors. (They’re pretty much worshiped in India, you know!) And of course, what would a Disney movie be without a touch of romance, which in this case is pretty darn funny thanks to the masked plane El Chupacabra.

The kids had already seen the film in theaters and while they don’t love re-watching movies right away (weird, I know), they both sat down to watch this, laughing and loving it for a second time.

Jason watches Planes


Take a look at Dusy in action:

And here’s a special bonus for ya. Learn how to draw Dusty:

 And of course, Disney wouldn’t be Disney without a slew of free downloadable and printable fact and activity sheets!

Download Facts & Activities
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20 thoughts on “This Week’s Family Movie Night: Disney’s PLANES”

  1. MY son is a huge fan of Cars, therefore I knew he would also be a huge fan of Disney’s Planes and I was right. He now has the planes, each character and plays with them daily. Its a cute show.

  2. I really want to get this movie for our kid collection. It really helps to have something to amuse them on “at home sick days”. Thanks for the review!

  3. We haven’t seen this one yet… I was like you. It looked like the movie Cars only with Planes, so I wasn’t too excited to see it 🙂


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