The Truth Behind Maleficent’s Wings

Maleficent's Wings

Oh, Disney, you’ve done it again. You sucked me in with ABC’s Once Upon a Time by taking popular fairy tale characters and setting them in our modern day world.

And now you’re bringing us Maleficent, a sure-to-be monster hit even if Angelina Jolie wasn’t in it. But she is. So it’ll be crazytacular!

I was already seriously intrigued by Maleficent just based on the overall premise. Wicked’s a fantastic story because it tells you the true story of the Wicked Witch of the West from her point of view. Clever and highly entertaining. Now we get the same kind of treatment for one of the most notorious Disney Villains of all time: Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent .

Today, however, Disney released a new image and new teaser trailer that’s got fangirls (and fanwomen?) squealing and squeeing with delight. Take a peek:

Wings?!? She had wings?!? What the? How the? Seriously, that’s crazy awesome! First off, how insanely cool does Maleficent look with those evil-looking suckers? It makes me pray to the cartoon gods that Disney will bring the classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon to the big screen so we can see a live-action Venger!

If you listen to the trailer, Maleficent mentions she had wings but they were “stolen.” Not that they were ripped off in battle. Not that she lost them. Nope, Maleficent’s wings were stolen!

Hmmm. There’s also talk of fairies, who have wings. So was Maleficent a fairy? Could be. Perhaps she was one of them but seemed to lean a bit more towards the naughty side. Maybe she ticked off Mayor McFairy one too many times and he ordered her wings magically removed? That’d certainly be enough to turn any fairy evil and hellbent on revenge.

Except Maleficent ‘s kind of tall. Fairies are really small. So I don’t buy that theory.

No, she seems to have it in for Princess Aurora and her poppa King NAME.

My guess is she was a sorceress long ago, working for the kingdom. At some point, she did something so heinous that she angered the king and he ordered Maleficent’s wings to be removed as punishment. That would certainly explain her anger towards the infant Auroa. Is there a better revenge on the planet than hurting someone’s child?

A full trailer hits tomorrow and perhaps holds even more pieces of the puzzle behind Maleficent’s wings.

What do you think happened to Maleficent’s wings?

Maleficent creeps into theaters on May 30th!
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14 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Maleficent’s Wings”

  1. She lost them to an even more evil witch .. Or her mom made her give them to her pretty good sister and so that’s why she became evil. I don’t know all I know i s I need to see this movie !

  2. Okay so the wings thing is so insane…your theory seems like the only plausible explanation. My daughter and I are headed out to see it today…so excited:)

  3. bring the classic Dungeons & Dragons cartoon to the big screen so we can see a live-action Venger!

    My kind of guy! Ive been a huge fan of that series since it premiered in 1983 and have been hoping the same thing for years!

  4. My hubby is a huge Disney buff. Now that I am married to him, what choice do I have?! I haven’t seen half of them, but to fill in for now: I am currently addicted to Once Upon A Time, and I’ve got high hopes for Maleficent. Can’t wait to see it!!

  5. Disney comes up with amazing things. Some people have such great imaginations. This article was very interesting. Can’t wait to see

  6. I can’t wait to see this movie, I think she did a deed that was so bad, they were magically removed, but we won’t know till we see it. I thought it was great that Angelia had one or 2 of her kids in the movie, well that’s what I heard.

  7. I want to see this especially after reading that in one scene they actually use one of her daughter’s which is cool. I’m with you I think the King had them removed and she’s been mad ever since. Or another theory and maybe a long shot, is this her daughter?

  8. This is going to be an amazing film! I enjoy anything that Angelina Jolie is in, but this film looks great even if she wasn’t in it!


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