Unique Personal Gifts Delivered in Style? Yep, that’s Red Envelope.

I’ve always heard of the gift site Red Envelope but never got around to ordering from them. I used to post Red Envelope coupon codes all the time on one of my shopping sites, so I got fairly familiar with the site.

Recently, however, I was offered the opportunity to give RedEnvelope.com a test drive. The company sent me a $50 coupon to use on their site and write about my experience. I have to say I was pretty impressed. They really do have some unique items I never would’ve thought of purchasing. Check out their special Christmas Gifts page for starters.

They seriously do have something for everyone from bottle openers to plants to personalized ornaments and mugs to golf items to wine accessories.

There’s a ton of adorable nutcrackers too. Look at this Squirrel one!

Or perhaps you know someone who loves to cook. A personalized wooden recipe box could be a really thoughtful gift.

Or if you’re looking to buy me something classy yet fun (hint hint), you just can’t go wrong with a pair of Darth Vader or Yoda Star Wars cufflinks!

Sadly, these weren’t on the site when I first looked and placed my order. RedEnvelope apparently is adding awesome new products by the minute. What I chose instead was a set of candlesticks. Boring right? Wrong!

My wife loves candles. I remember in college she took a course on candle making in fact. Yep, she even made me a Captain America shield candle long ago which I still treasure. Pretty good right?

Anyways, I knew she’d love a set of candlesticks, particularly this pair of Twist Candlesticks. They’re a real pretty set to start with, but what I love about them is that they’re really two distinct candlesticks  They stand on their own, or you can intertwine them for a unique look.

As the site says:

Like arms linked in love and friendship, our substantial polished-nickel-finished candlesticks make a statement of affection. They can be displayed either together or separately—either way they’ll be a graceful accent and provide atmospheric light to the table or mantelpiece. Exclusively from Red Envelope.

I placed my order and it arrived rather quickly. My wife loved the elegant box it came in. The candlesticks were exactly as I expected and Allie really loved them. There’s a number of different ways to pose them too. And I really like how they’re fancy enough to make your dinner feel special but not too fancy that you feel you have to break out the fine china. (Disclaimer: No, we don’t have any fine china.)

Yes, these candlesticks are in love.
These two totally just had a fight.

I’m definitely glad I gave RedEnvelope a shot and plan on using them more in the future. They’ll come in particularly handy when I’m looking for gifts for those super hard-to-please relatives!

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I received a copy of the featured product in exchange for my honest opinions. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and in no way were influenced by the company providing the product.

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