Walking With Dinosaurs Sends Viewers On a Prehistoric Family Adventure


Walking With Dinosaurs DVD
Ryan’s just a wee bit excited to watch a new dinosaur movie!

One of my wife’s favorite channels is Animal Planet. She could probably sit for days watching animal show after animal show and never get bored. Me? I’ll enjoy the occasionally documentary, but if it’s not a more cinematic-type story, I’ll lose interest pretty quickly.

That’s why, I have to say, that Fox’s Walking With Dinosaurs the Movie is the perfect compromise for us. While at face value, this is a movie with a definite story to tell, there are loads of dinotastic facts sprinkled throughout. Granted, who doesn’t love watching dinosaur movies? Also granted… there’ve been so many dinosaur movies over the years, it’s tough to come up with something new and refreshing.

For our latest Family Movie Night, we decided to watch Walking With Dinosaurs. Based on early previews, we were all under the impression this one was geared at young kids. So how did Walking With Dinosaurs pan out with my family? Overall, a pretty big thumbs up.

We all surprisingly enjoyed it. It’s somewhat like Jurassic Park without any of the humans, as we follow the story of a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi as he goes from a newborn dinosaur with his brothers and sisters to an older, tougher dino trying to survive in the wild.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Mix in a bit of Lion King, and you’ve got a pretty darn entertaining story. The effects are pretty amazing and definitely stand out. Especially the crazy colorful Alexornis bird named Alex (voiced by John Leguizamo). The dinosaurs themselves look real enough to suck you in and make you forget you’re actually watching computer graphics and not real giant lizards.

There are certainly a number of great lessons learned in the film, and not just how young Patchi can survive in such a brutal and savage world. Lessons on being yourself, loyalty and sticking by your family are common themes throughout. And best of all, kids (and yes even grown ups) can see all of this through the eyes of a young innocent dinosaur.

There’s plenty of action for sure, but also some tender moments and more than enough laughs to keep everyone fully entertained. If you’ve got real little ones, they may be a bit scared by some of the larger, more ferocious dinosaurs.

WWD-035 - Patchi explores his world in WALKING WITH DINOSAURS.

The Blu-ray DVD extras are pretty fun too, including:

  • The Ultimate Dino Guide – Learn all about your favorite dinosaurs.
  • Match the Call – Discover how dinosaurs communicated with their friends and foes, and test your knowledge.
  • Interactive Map – Take an interactive tour of where dinosaurs roamed the Earth, by comparing those same places to where people are living today.
  • Brainosaur Trivia Track – Read all sorts of fun trivia facts that pop up through the movie as you watch it.

If you’re looking for a good, fun family movie that actually has some educational elements in it, I certainly recommend Walking With Dinosaurs. It’s a real refreshing look at the world of dinosaurs, this time from the perspective of the creatures living in that prehistoric world.

Walking With Dinosaurs the Movie

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13 thoughts on “Walking With Dinosaurs Sends Viewers On a Prehistoric Family Adventure”

  1. My kids and I want to see this movie. I think it’s great that it has a little something for all of us to learn. I do have 1 really little one that it sounds like I might need to have a blanket with us so she can cover her face and hide if she gets a little scared. Nice review.

  2. My family would love to see this movie, especially my son. He has always liked dinosaurs and even now that he’s older, he still loves them.

  3. It is so hard to find good family movies. This looks like one our whole family would enjoy. Popcorn, soda and a good movie. What more could you ask for

  4. I have to get this incredible movie! I am like you-I can watch Animal Planet for hours with my family. I love animal movies and shows. This movie has a lot of interesting facts about dinosaurs!

  5. We (my kids and I) really want to see this movie. The kids are very interested in the Dinosaurs. We just got done reading a chapter book about dinosaurs and it was a lot of fun. This will be a fun way to learn more about Dinosaurs.

  6. My kids love the Animal Planet channel just like your wife. My daughter would rather play with animals than dolls. I agree this movie blended a good story with dinosaur learning.

  7. (Walking With Dinosaurs Sends Viewers On a Prehistoric Family Adventure) Well this little guy sure looks happy to have this DVD. Hope he enjoyed watching it, I heard it was really good too. He sure is a cutie!

  8. We are big Animal Planet viewers as well. Our whole family totally gets into the dinosaur age. We love fossils and just the science behind them. We haven’t had a chance to see this film yet, but as summer nears, we will be able to enjoy it soon.


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