What Does a Daddy Blogger Eat?

I had so much fun doing the 5 Things You Would Learn About Me if You Walked Through My House blog carnival that Trisha from MomDot started, that I couldn’t wait to jump on it again!

Apparently Trisha felt the same way, since she posted a new one today, offering a look inside her fridge and pantry. The rules are simple: no staging allowed! Just quick photos of your refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. Sounds good to me, so here goes nothing:

 The Fridge!

Daddy Blogger Fridge

Our fridge is usually a bit more filled actually. But you can see some exciting highlights like the packages of turkey bacon I consume regularly, A1 steak sauces, and a mega package of cheese sticks.

The refrigerator door dressings

We’re big into condiments as you can see. My father in law would faint if he saw that giant jar of light mayonnaise. He’s a hardcore mayo eater, and it’s gotta be the full-on full-fat variety. That bottom shelf or two is usually overflowing with Chobani yogurts. So good!


food rice raisins

We have a small walk-in pantry in the kitchen. This is the right side full of canned beans and soups, taco shells, salsa, rice up the wazoo, and you can’t see it, but 2/3 of the top shelf is full of cereal.

Candy Chips Food

The left side of the pantry is the good stuff. We’ve got chips, chocolates, cookies, and all sorts of assorted snacks. My kids like to call this their Happy Place.

BONUS! Baking Pantry!

frosting cake pans

My wife loves to bake cookies and cakes. She’ll generally use a basic mix, but then use all sorts of food coloring, sprinkles, and hundreds of other sugar-filled concoctions. For most people, eggs, milk, and bread are their staples. In our house it’s Pillsbury frosting and cake mixes.

What’s in your fridge? 

If you’d like to join in on the fun, create your own post and be sure to link up over at Trisha’s MomDot.com!

42 thoughts on “What Does a Daddy Blogger Eat?”

    • Thanks, Anne! It’s not always so organized, though. Usually there’s dozens of frosting cans shoved in every nook and cranny!

    • Thanks for the support, Leah! I think I might run a blog poll about ketchup to see! And Skim Plus is just Skim Milk, but it has extra calcium and protein added.

    • Hey, Mellisa! Glad I could inspire you! I expect pictures and sample cookies when your’e done. 🙂 And yeah, I’m a huuuge fan of bacon, but gotta watch the cholesterol, so turkey bacon it is.

  1. Wait, doesn’t everyone keep their ketchup in the fridge?

    My husbands A1 stash looks a lot like yours.

    I love the baking cabinet. My baking supplies are a mess.

  2. A1 sauce! I keep meaning to buy some, even just the small bottle they have to go on burgers. That is so good, I grew up with that!

    • Hah. Yes, skim milk. I’ve been drinking it most of my life. Once you go down to skim, it’s tough to go back because you’re just used to it. Gotta watch the fat and cholesterol. I’m pretty much the only one drinks it anyways, and that’s really just for my coffee.

      And thanks for backing me up on the ketchup!

  3. I see you keep your ketchup in the fridge. I never did understand why someone would want cold ketchup LOL. I side-by-side too, I’m so sorry about that, I was so happy to be rid of my side-by-side. Well I mean get it out into the garage.

    • Huh. I never really even thought of the ketchup in the fridge thing. Just something I’ve always done. My wife too. That’s a great quirky question to ask!

      And by side-by-side do you mean the fridge on the right/freezer on the left?

    • Yeah, I think my wife does get them at Costco. And there’s only 2 bottles at the moment because one is real close to empty. I’m addicted to the stuff!

    • Every morning for breakfast I have 4 slices of turkey bacon, and then a bowl of oatmeal and raisins. Skim Plus is just Skim Milk, though the plus is probably extra calcium or something.

    • Will do! She’s got tons of baking pans, cookie sheets, sprinkles, etc. The bottom cabinets have big things of flour, sugar, and most importantly, her little toolbox filled with pastry bags and tips.

  4. Is that A1 in a huge bottle or is it just the perspective? It looks giant! I just started buying that brand of yogurt, it’s delicious! my kids would love your kids’ happy place 🙂

    • It’s both. The perspective makes it a “little” bigger, but yeah, those are the mega big bottles, almost as tall as a ketchup bottle. And Chobanis are fantastic! My favorite’s pineapple.

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