When it Comes to the Yankees, I’m a Total Fanatic


Winter. It’s cold, depressing and long. Especially for a sports fan like me.

See, I’m a big football fan and when the Super Bowl finally hits, it’s always bittersweet. It’s a great day full of food, friends, family and well, obviously, football. But the day after ? Well, that’s when it really sinks in. No more football for a long time. And even worse, the baseball season doesn’t kick off until April.

Yeah, I’m not a big basketball or hockey guy at all. Sure, I’ll watch the finals. Maybe. But that long stretch of months between January and early April is the pits. I need my fix. Thankfully, it’s finally here.

Monday, April 6 at 1 p.m., all will be right with the world again. That’s when my New York Yankees host the Toronto Blue Jays in their season opener!

I love hitting Yankee Stadium a few times every year either with some friends or the family. I try to take the kids (and Allie reluctantly) at least once a year. I definitely remember going to a number of games with my dad when I was a kid and there really is no other feeling in the world like it when you walk through that passage way and step out into the seats. The huge open stadium. Bright sunshine beating down on the field. Players warming up. There’s a reason it’s called America’s Pastime.

With Opening day just around the corner (YES!), I jumped at the chance to help celebrate with a blog campaign run by the fine folks over at Fanatics.com. If you look in my closet on any given day, you’ll see that it’s filled with as many Yankees shirts as it is superhero ones.

So given the opportunity to order some new Yankees apparel for a new season, and well, you better believe I was ready to step up to the plate!


I love how the site is organized. I quickly picked New York Yankees from the MLB dropdown to get to the team page. Then I can see more than 30 different categories to choose from. Everything from clothing to collectibles to even pet supplies! You can also filter loads of results through various options such as gender, player and price.

I definitely could use a new Yankees T-shirt, so I went to that department first. I filtered it down to Mens and was left facing 374 different items! Man, if only I could afford all of them, I’d have a new Yankees shirt for every day of the year. And still have a few leftover!


I debated getting a standard navy player shirt like Mariano Rivera. These are probably my favorite style and I have a handful of players already in my clothing collection including Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Hideki Matsui and my all-time favorite player Thurman Munson.

Mo would be the next obvious choice, especially now that he’s retired as a life-long Yank. But I usually make it a tradition to pick up these type of shirts every year at the stadium itself. So hopefully I’ll give some props to Mo when I hit a game this summer.


I also really liked this Cooperstown Collection shirt. It’s certainly a bit different. How cool is the back with all the different Yankees logos from over the years?


I’m a sucker for the Uncle Sam-style Yankees logo, so this Cooperstown Collection Blended Logo T-shirt was definitely on my list, as well. I still have a really old pair of grey socks with this logo on it. I remember wearing them when I was a teenager!


Ultimately, however, I went with this Nike Authentic Legends one. All of my Yankees shirts are blue, so I figured it was time for a change. Plus, it’s made of a Dri-FIT fabric that helps wick away moisture.  (Read: I sweat a lot, so this will help.)



I also grabbed a couple of Yankees Tote Bags to help with the groceries. After all, what’s an Opening Day kick-off party without some serious snacks? These bags will come in super handy on our next trip to the grocery store, where we can load up on good eats, while avoiding the age-old question of “Paper or plastic?” when we hit the checkout line.

I’m totally ready to “catch” the game on TV.

So yeah, I’m totally set for the first pitch! Of course, there’s so many more things I’d love to buy from Yankees shorts to fleeces to car mats! They also have a fabulous selection for women!


What Yankees Babe wouldn’t want to show her Pinstripe Pride with this New York Yankees Maxi Dress?


You’ll need shoes to go with that dress, though, won’t you? These New York Yankees Rookie 2 Sandals look perfect to me. Then again, I’m a guy, so I’m terrible at matching things. But I do love the pinstripes and the big NY logo on ’em!

There’s oodles more Yankees gear for women too. So whether it’s for your mom (Mother’s Day, perhaps?), your sister, your aunt, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend or any other female friend of yours, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for the Yankees fan.

Okay, okay, they can root for any team they want. Heck, Fanatics has the entire MLB covered when it comes to merchandise, so stock up and show your support from head to toe.

And of course, you’ll find loads more than just baseball merchandise. You can also snag officially licensed products from the NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, PGA and more than 200 collegiate and professional sports teams.

Just promise me you’ll steer clear of any Boston Red Sox merchandise, okay?


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7 thoughts on “When it Comes to the Yankees, I’m a Total Fanatic”

  1. I am Yankees fan too! Also love the Fanatics site! We bought a lot of Carolina Panthers items there for when we tailgate! They have a great variety! 🙂

  2. That site has some fabulous baseball products – love the shoes! Although, I would need to see if they have Brewer stuff – sorry, from Wisconsin and have to support the home team!

  3. I like the New York Yankees and there logo and items look so nice! I would wear one of their hats and the dress is very pretty! I did not even know that they had so many items. I want to get something on their site!

  4. I am a huge Fanatics fan, I love buying all my team gear on there, my favorite place to get my house slippers from too. And they always have a good coupon code to use to.


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