Yoshi’s New Island is Adorably Egg-Citing!


Yoshi's New Island

Without question, Jason’s favorite character from the Super Mario Universe is Toad. But after that, I’m not quite sure. He loves just about all of ’em but I have a feeling Yoshi’s up there on the list.

After all, Allie made him a Yoshi costume from scratch for Halloween a few years ago. (It didn’t help that the very next year, an official Yoshi costume was available for purchase.)

We’ve got a slew of different colored Yoshi stuffed animals all over the house. And Yoshi always gets a cheer from the crowd when he shows up in Super Mario Bros. Wii!

So when Yoshi’s New Island came out, Jason definitely anted to get his Nintendo-thumb paws on it. Thankfully, I was given a copy for review and Jason was more than happy to test it out for me. I gave him one rule, though: If he plays any Nintendo games I get for my blog, he has to do a video review for me.

Yeah, without skipping a bit, he agreed.

True to his word, here’s Jason’s video review of Yoshi’s New Island.


  • Discover a new island containing six worlds to explore, from slippery snow slopes to watery wonderlands – each filled with creative platforming challenges, rambunctious enemies and a ton of collectibles.
  • Use Mega and Metal Eggdozers to find secrets and open up new areas. Launch a Mega Eggdozer to plow through the environment, or skillfully use the heavy Metal Eggdozer to roll over enemies or explore underwater areas.
  • Watch Yoshi transform into different vehicles, including a helicopter, submarine and mine cart. All vehicles can be controlled using the gyroscopic controls of the Nintendo 3DS system.
  • When Yoshi acquires a certain type of Star in some stages, he can power up and become “Super Yoshi.” He’ll fly like a shooting star through the sky or temporarily be able to run along walls and ceilings.
  • The game has a special aid for newcomers to action games. If players are having trouble getting through a stage, they might see the appearance of Flutter Wings, which let Yoshi spout wings and fly through the air.
  • Battle larger-than-life bosses and solve challenging puzzles using Yoshi’s egg-throwing and flutter-jumping skills.
  • Team up with a friend in the two-player mini-game cooperative challenge mode. Experience this mode with only one cartridge using Download Play, or connect via local wireless. (Additional Nintendo 3DS systems are required for multiplayer mode and are sold separately.)


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Who’s your favorite Super Mario Bros. character?

21 thoughts on “Yoshi’s New Island is Adorably Egg-Citing!”

  1. I love that this game gives help to players who are new, my son sometimes gets stuck and needs help to get past a hard part in some games. I also love that you can play mini-games with a friend! My favorite Mario character is Princess Peach!

  2. My favorite character is Princess Peach! I have the same agreement with my boys that you have with your son — if you want to play with a video game, you need to write a review for my blog!

  3. I have never played any video games but my son is 36 and he has autism and plays them a lot. From the info in the review it looks like a lot of fun

  4. I asked my husband if he wanted me to enter for this game and he said it’s one of his favorites. I only played Animal Crossing so I don’t know who Yoshi even is.

  5. I like playing video games and play them every day. I have a lot of the Yoshi games and think they are fun to play. I need to get the new game, and see how it is!

  6. This sounds like a game my son would love to have. I don’t think he knows its out so he hasn’t bugged me for it yet.

  7. Luigi has always been my favorite. I love that mario is still strong in current games, I remember playing ninetendo as a kid and loved it.


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