Fifty Shades of Pain

A few weeks ago I attended a Cafe Mom party tying in to the Blog Her 12 conference that was happening in NYC at the time. It was a great chance for me to meet the editors I’ve been working with for months now. I always feel it helps, no matter what the business, to […]

Guest Posting over at Momaroo

One of the best parts of being a blogger (other than getting to say whatever the heck I want!) is the community. I love interacting with my readers in the comments section, and love commenting on other bloggers’ posts. Guest blogging is another wonderful opportunity to share yourself and your blog with others in the […]

Scrabble Meets Math In the Super Fun iPhone App GoSum

In college I was really torn about what direction to go in. Most people are either left brained or right brained. They’re either analytic or creative. Me? I’m both. I was seriously not sure whether to go for an English degree or a Math one. I loved solving math problems (big fan of puzzles), but I’ve also […]

Happy 80th Birthday, Lego!

Lego is celebrating its 80th Birthday today and man, the company doesn’t look a day over 30, does it? I’ve loved (read: Obsessed over) Legos my whole life. I spent many a childhood on the Lego Moon with all my Lego minifig astronauts. I customized my own Lego superheroes (with a little imagination, those astronaut […]

What Does a Daddy Blogger Eat?

I had so much fun doing the 5 Things You Would Learn About Me if You Walked Through My House blog carnival that Trisha from MomDot started, that I couldn’t wait to jump on it again! Apparently Trisha felt the same way, since she posted a new one today, offering a look inside her fridge and […]