Celebrating our 25-Year Date-iversary at the Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South

November 10, 1990. That’s the exact day I first dated the woman who would become my best friend in the entire world and eventually my wife. Allie and I grew up just one town over from each other in the Rockland County suburbs, but we didn’t meet until we were both in college at upstate SUNY Binghamton, some three hours away. That night, November 10 of my freshman year, we both went to a Blind …

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A Night of Ice Skating Leads to a Sushi Feast

ice skating

Last week when it was, what, like 40 degrees out, Ryan picked tennis as our family activity.  It’s tough to say no (even when it’s freezing out) if your kid asks you to do something that’s physically active. So this week, it’s even colder. Closer to 30 degrees or so. And thankfully for this weekend’s family activity, we got to be indoors. Whew. But yeah, we ended up going ice skating! There’s a nice ice …

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The R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser Will Change Your Sushi-Eating Habits Forever

Finally! Something to go with my Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks! Well, assuming my beautiful wife Allison ever buys me a set of those… Anyways, it’s an R2-D2 soy sauce dispenser. Why, you may ask? Why not, I’ll retort! I’m a big fan of pushing Star Wars into every facet of our daily lives, and what screams daily living more than sushi eating? Tekka Maki rolls, beware!   Product Specifications: Incredibly detailed replica of the original …

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We Made Our Own Sushi This Weekend and It Actually Looked Legit

My wife and I love sushi. We love making sushi. We love eating sushi. We love dressing up as sushi. Okay, wait. Scratch that last one. But we do love us some sushi! This weekend we got together with our family friends The Tatars to introduce them to the fine art of sushi making. Our kids get along great (how rare is that where the parents AND kids all get along with everyone in another …

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We Had a Daughter This Weekend! (But Ended Up Returning Her)

Kids for sale

  This weekend we got to see what it’d be like to have a daughter. Since there aren’t any “Rent a Daughter” shops in our area of the country, we had to make due with our 11-year-old niece Amanda. Okay, fine. We had an impromptu sleepover with my sister-in-law’s daughter, but for a day,  we got to pretend she wasn’t our niece. My kids are always excited for any sort of sleepover, but extra excited …

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