Of Bathroom Vanities and Eyeballs

Bathroom vanity

Unless you’re doing some renovating in your home, you probably never really think about bathroom vanities. I, on the other hand always think about them. And it’s solely because of my eyes. Since I wear contact lenses, I always put them on first thing after I shower each day. Which means I need a bit […]

The Best Treat on Halloween – Browns Fan Dresses Up As Troy Polamalu

Is this the real Troy?

This past weekend before Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast, we attended a Halloween Party at one of our friends’ house. (Thanks for an awesome time, Tracy and Doug!) Most people were in costumes and while the kids entertained themselves with Halloween Twister, us adults hung out stuffing our faces with amazing food (Tracy makes […]

Happy Halloween from Minecraft’s Creeper

Minecraft Creeper Costume

My son Jason is truly an expert at picking the most obscure characters around for Halloween. Sure, he’s had his fair share of  Thomas the Tank Engine type costumes but the last few years, my wife’s made his costumes. And that’s only because the characters he picks aren’t available to purchase. Case in point: He […]

The Fallout From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane A-Rod

Well, we survived another hurricane over here in New York. Thankfully we got away pretty lucky this time. We never lost power and the only real damage is a handful of shingles ripped off the roof and one of the huge trees in our backyard was downed. But let me tell you, those winds are […]

Emergency Fire Starter Kit #Giveaway from Zippo (Ends 11/13)

Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit

I’m writing this as Hurricane Sandy is currently clobbering the East Coast. Here in NY it’s just getting pretty windy out and the rain just started coming down. The brunt of Frankenstorm should be hitting us later tonight. Apparently this storm is unprecedented for our area. All the schools in our area were closed today […]

There are Giant Honkin’ Spiders in our Tree

Garbage Bag Spider

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not just because its a day where you’re encouraged to stuff your mouth with 400 pounds of Kit-Kats. But because you can go crazy with the decorations. My kids are still pretty young and neither of them are really into scary stuff at all. But that’s the fun […]