Blog Spotlight: Erin from The Mom Buzz

Erin Taylor

I was first stung by Erin‘s blog The Mom Buzz when I happened to catch one of her tweets about a Zombie Run. That led me to her blog where I learned she was training for her first 5K, which would involve avoiding a pack of flesh-eating zombies. Not your typical post from a mommy […]

The Blog Post Where Ryan Finally Gets a Pet!


Ryan has been clamoring for a dog for the past two years. Not a day goes by without hearing, “When are we going to get a dog?” Allie and I are big animal lovers and definitely want a dog (or two) but Jason’s not a big fan. He used to be petrified of them and […]

Meet SqueeDogs, a Facebook Game Actually Worth Playing

home world

When it comes to Facebook games, I pretty much only play the puzzle and word-based ones. I’ve tried a number of the other types of games (open your own restaurant, build your medieval empire, etc.) but they pretty much suffer from the same problem I have with 90% of Dean R Koontz’s suspense novels: they’re […]

Keeping Green When Traveling with Kids


The following guest post was provided by Isabelle Guarella. Isabelle is a British-based blogger, and you can find more of her writing at Traveling with the kids can be stressful, and being eco-friendly is probably the furthest thing from your mind when you hit the road with the littles ones in tow. There are, however, […]

I Want to Live in a World With Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes

My two favorite comic strips of all time are Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes. I read them religiously when I was a kid, racing to the newspaper every single day to see what wackiness awaited. I have a slew of Bloom County books and a few years ago got the Complete Calvin & Hobbes […]

Win a $25 iTunes Gift Card from the HomeTeam Crew (Ends 3/9)

App Store $25 Gift Card

Recently, I told you all about the awesome sports team-organizing app HomeTeam. It’s an awesome app that lets you completely manage all the different sports teams that you or kids are on. You can list parents and coaches’ contact information, practice schedules, full team rosters, photos and more. If your kids are on even one […]

My Baseball-Loving 14-Year-Old Nephew Was on Fox 5 News Today!

Matthew Nadel

Proud Uncle time. I’ve written about my 13-year-old nephew Matthew before. (Actually, he turns 14 tomorrow!). Matthew is a baseball trivia maniac. Know who won the 1947 World Series? How about the 1971 one? Honestly, I have no clue. Go Google it if you want. But Matthew, yeah he knows who won the World Series. […]

The Fairy Hobmother is Here – Embrace It or Fear It?

Fairy Hobmother

So I finally got a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. The what what now? The Fairy Hobmother. Before I explain just what the hell a “Hob” is, let me explain what I’m talking about here. Some guy named Matt Mitchell goes around the blogosphere dubbing himself the Fairy Hobmother. Matt works for a UK company called […]

Win Kidz Gear Colorful Headphones (Ends 3/4)

Green Headphones

When I was a kid, I used to love playing with my dad’s stereo. He had this big, clunky silver tuner, dual tape deck, and record player. Yes, I’m probably one of the last generations to know what a phonograph is. Anyways, the coolest part about his stereo was when he let me use his […]