Win Russell Madness Blu-ray/DVD (Ends 3/4 )


I love the Air Bud movies. Yes, they’re cheesy, ridiculous and so over-the-top (A dog playing basketball? Dogs with superpowers? Puppies in space?!?!), but they still manage to crack me up and keep the whole family entertained. The latest title in the Air Bud series may very well be the greatest thing ever. Russell Madness […]

The Puffin Teapot That Got Away

PUffin bell, Puffin Mug, Puffin Statue

Allie’s a bird lover. A big bird lover. No, not the Sesame Street one. I mean she loves birds. Always has, always will. Her favorite by far is the puffin, a.k.a. the Clown of the Sea. As crazy a fan as I am of Captain America, she’s equally obsessed with puffins. Our house is full of […]

The Stink Bug War of 2014 Has Turned In Our Favor

Stink Bug Eater

Last fall, I told you guys about our little problem with Stink Bugs. The little stinkers (no pun intended) were popping up all over the place and just grossing us out. Then the winter came and they went into hiding. Fast forward to spring and the reunion began, this time in even greater numbers. We […]

Win an Alex Woo Bears Pendant valued at $218 (Ends 4/18)

Alex Woo Bears Pendant #MeetTheCubs

This Friday, DisneyNature’s movie Bears opens in theaters. I saw an early screening of the film (Review to come!) and it’s a really touching, entertaining and emotional tale. The film is an epic story of bear cubs Amber and Scout as they’re taught life’s cruelest lessons all set against the harsh-yet-majestic backdrop of the Alaska. […]

This Post Stinks So Incredibly Bad

Stink Bug

I know, I know. The Yankees didn’t make the playoffs. The Steelers are 0-4. Oh yeah, and Congress has decided to throw a temper tantrum and now the U.S. government is shut down. Awesome. But do you want to know what really stinks? Yeah, Stink Bugs! Stink bugs. I’d never even heard of them before we […]

The Fluffiest Meet & Greet Ever #SuperBuddies

super buddies movie

After a press trip there is one question that always comes up: “Were you star struck?” This time my answer is a resounding YES…but the star I fell in love with may surprise you. It was a gorgeous day at the Disney Studios, snacking on muffins and coffee as we waited. Little did I know […]

The Blog Post Where Ryan Finally Gets a Pet!


Ryan has been clamoring for a dog for the past two years. Not a day goes by without hearing, “When are we going to get a dog?” Allie and I are big animal lovers and definitely want a dog (or two) but Jason’s not a big fan. He used to be petrified of them and […]

Meet SqueeDogs, a Facebook Game Actually Worth Playing

home world

When it comes to Facebook games, I pretty much only play the puzzle and word-based ones. I’ve tried a number of the other types of games (open your own restaurant, build your medieval empire, etc.) but they pretty much suffer from the same problem I have with 90% of Dean R Koontz’s suspense novels: they’re […]

My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food

Ralph Wiggum

I’ve never owned a cat. Nope, I’m definitely more of a dog person. Though I have spent some time with cats. And I don’t just mean Garfield and Friends. (One of Ryan’s favorite cartoons these days.) In college, Allie did an internship at Project Paw, a local animal shelter in Broome County, NY. I went […]